Woman Stabbed Violent Husband to Death After He Beat her in Front of the Neighbors

A woman from Australia killed her husband because he bashed her in front of the neighbors. The case is ongoing in court right now.

According to Daily Mail, “Jean-Louise Herholdt and her partner Sean Murray were heard screaming, yelling, and banging doors as the material was played in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday.”

“She allegedly stabbed the father-of-three in the back with a 30cm kitchen knife after getting into an argument at a home in Murrumba Downs, in Brisbane’s north.” 

The incident occurred on November 15, 2020, after the husband, Murray, snatched his wife’s cash that she had been saving to leave him.

As reported by the Courier Mail, Jean Louise Herholdt, a nurse by profession, plunged a knife into his back and said, “I hope you f***ing die, dog.”

Meanwhile, the husband was heard pleading, “no, stop, stop. Stop. Come on,” as he tried to calm his angry wife.

Murray’s friend made a call to the police when the couple’s fight escalated.

Jean’s attorney defense lawyer, Andrew Hoare, played a recording in the court in which Herholdt was heard saying, “I love you, baby. I love you … you know I’m going to jail for this,” and told the judge that his client was violently beaten.

“In between those recordings, my client was being beaten in her front yard and then dragged back inside,” said Hoare.

He said Murray was only trying to appease Herholdt before the police reached as it was his ‘usual practice.’

“She had been a domestic violence victim at the hands of her husband for years leading up to the stabbing,” he told the court.

According to the Courier Mail, Jean-Louise and Murray got married in 2019 and had two kids together.

“Responding officers revealed that the father of Herholdt’s third child had also been staying at the residence at the time of the incident. He allegedly shut the kids into one of the bedrooms so they wouldn’t have to witness the fight between their parents.”

It was also reported that Herholdt administered first aid to Murray after the stabbing, and she asked her former partner to call an ambulance.

During one of the hearings, the nurse told the judge that she allegedly attacked his husband because he was a violent person, and she had been subjected to domestic violence for years.

She further added that before she killed him, he took all her hard-earned money, which she had been saving by working hard day and night.

“I wanted to get out of that house which was basically hell for me,” said Herholdt. “He used to beat me, and then he would try to calm me down. But I had enough and started working harder to leave him and take my kids away from such a heinous person, their father.”

“I did not mean to kill him; I only wanted to give him some taste of his own medicine. But I had no intention of killing him,” she added.

Jean-Louise’s lawyer asked the court to immediately order for her release as she had already spent 27 months in jail.

“She was initially charged with murder, but prosecutors accepted a plea to the lesser charge of manslaughter, accepting her act had been motivated by anger without intent to kill or cause grievous bodily harm to her husband.” 

“Justice Peter Davis will sentence Herholdt at a later date,” per Daily Mail.  

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Sources: Courier MailDaily Mail

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  1. I think she should have consequences absolutely!! But because of her anger and abuse she has taken. Enough was enough. How much abuse do you take before reacting?!

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