Woman Unveils Shocking Earnings from ‘Loyalty Tests’ Exposing Cheating Boyfriends

A TikToker who started exposing cheating partners for free now makes a lot of money after turning it into her full-time job.

Trinity Howard from Tampa, Florida, has shared how much she gets paid to run “loyalty tests” on people’s boyfriends. Unlike most 22-year-olds who might be finishing college or working in a bar, Trinity’s job involves testing people’s partners to see if they’re cheating.

Trinity suspected her high school boyfriend of two years was cheating on her, so she decided to test him, according to Business Insider. She pretended to be another girl, texted him from a fake number, and met up with him, proving he was unfaithful.

After posting her story on TikTok, numerous girls requested that she conduct the “loyalty test” on their partners, too.

Initially, Trinity helped several girls for free, but as demand for her services grew, she started requesting donations. Eventually, she was approached by an app called Lazo, which specializes in relationship and loyalty tests, to offer her services professionally.

On Lazo, loyalty tests are conducted similarly to Trinity’s test of her own boyfriend. People who suspect their partners of cheating select testers like Trinity. They choose someone who resembles or has traits that might appeal to their partner. According to Insider, there are around 400 testers available on the app.

The tester then reaches out to the suspected partner to see if they can be tempted to stray from their relationship. If the partner takes the bait, the test is successful!

After initially providing the service for free or for donations, Trinity now makes a living conducting “loyalty tests” and earns a substantial amount for her work.


Accepting requests on @GetLazo , link in bio!

♬ original sound – Trinity (:

Each tester on the platform sets their own prices. Trinity charges a “set fee” of $70 per test, which she refers to as a “mission.” From the $70, she keeps $49, while Lazo takes $21.

Trinity explains that some missions can take as little as an hour, while others may take a week or longer. On average, she conducts between 15 to 20 tests per week. This means she earns approximately $735 to $980 each week.

Given her impressive earnings, it’s clear why Trinity plans to continue her career for a while.

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Source: Business Insider

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