Woman Who Hasn’t Shaved in Years Claims Her Hairy Body Earns Her Five Figures a Month, and Her Boyfriend Loves it

A woman revealed that she hasn’t shaved in years, and despite people calling her disgusting and gross, her boyfriend loves her and she makes five figures a month.

Calita from Spain is a social media influencer and model with over 12K followers on TikTok and 32K on Instagram. On both platforms, Calita shares photos and videos flaunting her body hair and doesn’t shy away from showing off her hirsute body parts, especially her armpits.

According to the Daily Star, “Calita, 35, started growing her body hair in January 2020, as a “Janu-hairy” movement, and she hasn’t shaved since then.”

“I think it’s been three years now since I shaved anything – including every part of my body that has hair,” she said.

Her posts often receive hate comments and bullying remarks from trolls who think she is disgusting not to shave her body.

But Calita does not care what people think about her and claims her boyfriend loves her body hair.

“I think it’s been three years now since I shaved anything – including every part of my body that has hair.”

“My bf loves my body hair,” she wrote on one of her social media posts.

Speaking to her haters, the model posted a video showing off her hairy armpits and wrote, “Body hair, don’t care.”

The clip amassed nearly 60K views on TikTok.

Reacting to her videos, many followers also appreciate her courage to post her authentic self on social media without worrying about people’s opinions.

“That’s awesome. Love your courage,” one follower wrote on her Instagram.

“Love beautiful natural beauty hair,” a second said.

“I love the fact that you don’t give a sh** about people’s opinions about you. You do you girl, keep it up,” a third added.

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Source: TikTok

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