Woman Who Married A Ragdoll, Admits Complicated Family Life with ‘Twins’ – Says Husband is Stressed About Providing

Meet Meirivone Rocha Moraes, a 37-year-old woman from Brazil. She’s made quite a buzz by sharing about her unique family – a life-sized rag doll named Marcelo and their three toy children. There’s one-year-old Marcelinho and the two adorable ‘newborn’ twin daughters, Marcela and Emilia.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes was tired of her single life and wanted to settle with someone honest and loyal. So, she complained about her single life and frustrating loneliness to her mother, and she came to her rescue. Her mother made her a ragdoll and called it ‘Marcelo.’

Now, having a full house with a rag doll husband and toy kids is not as simple as it sounds. Meirivone says their family life is a bit complicated because they all pitch in for parenting duties. It’s like a team effort, but with a rag doll dad and toy kids. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

“It’s a little complicated to say because everything is in double dose [now that we have twins],” she said.

“It’s not easy but at the same time, I get emotional every moment, every second. In everyday life, Marcelo and I have a lot of tasks with the new babies, as well as looking after our first child. And even when I’m tired, he [my husband] helps me bathe, eat and sleep.”

Meirivone happily mentioned that their home is like a cozy nest filled with love, laughter, and the pitter-patter of little feet from their toy children. It’s a joyful scene, but Marcelo, the rag doll dad, is feeling a bit stressed about the challenges that come with having a larger family. Balancing the joys and stresses, it seems like their unique household has its own set of ups and downs.

“The expenses are increasing and he has to pay for the food, clothes, rent, water, electricity, medications,” she said. “Therefore he has been a bit worried about affording the bills. But despite his concerns, he always dreamed of having a family and children, so this is all he ever wished for.”

Moraes continued, “My dream now is to own my own house. Since our wedding in 2018, I’ve been scouring the internet every day. I won’t give up.”

The couple, Meirivone and Marcelo, have had quite a journey in the past two years with various ups and downs, from rumors of cheating to unexpected twists like kidnappings.

Despite the challenges, last year brought a moment of joy as they celebrated a gender reveal in their home. Surrounded by 40 family members and friends, the couple shared a special and memorable occasion with their loved ones. Life with a rag doll husband sure does have its share of surprises!

“The party was good. There was chicken, pasta, salad and cake,” she continued. “We even had personalized sweets with our initials, music, soft drinks, and lots of guests, the event was attended by around 40 people. And the moment of revelation was really cool, the baby’s name will be Marcela.”

A video shared on social media captured a special moment in Meirivone and Marcelo’s life. In the clip, they stand in front of a display of pink and blue balloons, with Meirivone holding a smoke grenade. As she releases the smoke, it starts off clear and then bursts into a beautiful shade of pink, prompting Meirivone to joyfully scream and jump with excitement.

The camera then pans to capture the applause and celebration of family and friends. Interestingly, even the couple’s rag doll son is part of the gathering, sitting on a guest’s lap and observing the colorful spectacle.

Social media users had mixed reactions, with some expressing confusion and others being utterly surprised, as evident in comments like “I’m so confused” and “Jaw dropped.”

Meirivone and Marcelo’s unconventional life has repeatedly grabbed headlines. In November, Meirivone happily shared ultrasound photos of their upcoming baby girl. However, in June, tensions arose when she accused Marcelo of cheating for the second time.

Taking a firm stand, Meirivone made Marcelo sleep on the sofa and metaphorically took away his ‘penis.’ Their relationship has been marked by ups and downs, keeping public interest alive in their unique journey.

“I found out when my friend sent me a message one evening saying that he was cheating on me. So that night, I got really bad and made him sleep on the couch,” she said in a previous interview.

Last year, in a dramatic turn of events in February, Meirivone claimed that their baby Marcelinho was being held hostage by captors demanding £161 for his release. In desperation, she posted TikTok videos putting up flyers in her neighborhood, seeking information. Quitting her job to focus on the search, she expressed fear after receiving a video of Marcelinho in an abandoned building.

Fortunately, Marcelinho was later found safe and sound, even attending the baby shower for his sister. The incident added another intense chapter to the unique and eventful story of Meirivone and Marcelo.

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Source: Daily Mail

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