Woman Who Spends 5 Hours a Day in the Kitchen Believes Her Role is to Make Husband’s Life ‘Easier’

Discussions about gender roles have become widespread, with more people embracing the idea of breaking traditional stereotypes. However, some individuals, like 25-year-old Estee Williams, find contentment in adhering to more conventional lifestyles.

Estee and her 23-year-old husband, Connor, have encountered criticism for choosing to embrace typical gender roles. Estee identifies as a “tradwife” and is dedicated to spending approximately 5 hours a day in the kitchen. Despite facing backlash, she firmly believes in maintaining her role to make her husband’s life easier, embracing stereotypical gender norms with satisfaction.

“After meeting Conner in 2020, we realized we had the same views and values,” she said. “I never thought I’d meet a guy like this. At the time, I was a student studying meteorology, but shortly after we met I left college and dropped all means of pursuing a career.”

“I don’t ever plan on having a career because I will stay home to look after our home, my husband and hopefully our future family.”

Estee was studying meteorology when she crossed paths with her future husband in 2020. The couple from Virginia quickly discovered their shared interests and fell in love. Following this, Estee made the decision to leave her studies and concentrate on embracing traditional gender roles. Connor, employed as an electrician, works full-time, and Estee is committed to ensuring he doesn’t have additional responsibilities when he returns home. Although Connor occasionally assists with household tasks, Estee doesn’t anticipate it.

Devoting about 5 hours daily to cooking from scratch and an additional 2 hours for cleaning, Estee takes on various responsibilities. She not only prepares all of Connor’s meals and lunches but also lays out his clothes. During her leisure time, she enjoys grocery shopping and explores new hobbies, such as learning to garden and planning to start figure skating.

“I make Conner’s lunch for him the night before he goes to work, lay out his clothes for him so everything is organized, and make sure the house is clean and smells good for when he gets home,” she said. “I do my hair and make-up, and usually wear a house dress. I like to make sure I always look nice.”

According to Estee, a key factor in their successful marriage is the absence of arguments about gender roles. Both partners are aware in advance of their expected responsibilities, contributing to a harmonious relationship.

In addition to handling cooking and cleaning for her husband, Estee allows him to take the lead in various aspects of their life together. She ensures they go to the gym together and refrains from making purchases beyond groceries without his approval. Moreover, she makes an effort to have her hair and makeup done whenever he returns home from work. This reflects her commitment to maintaining a lifestyle where decisions are shared, and she pays attention to presenting herself well for her husband.

The couple, who currently do not have children, express the hope of starting a family in the next few years. Their future plans involve minimal changes, as Estee intends to persist in her traditional gender roles, taking care of the children while Connor focuses on his work. Estee envisions homeschooling her kids, citing a desire to have a say in the academic content they are exposed to and consumed by. This choice reflects her commitment to being actively involved in her children’s education and upbringing.

“I would also make sure that our babies’ needs are met and I would also love to home-school them. I am a big believer in homeschooling and knowing what my child is consuming academically,” Said Estee.

Estee lives a traditional life as a “tradewife,” and she attributes her desire for this lifestyle to her upbringing. Her parents’ divorce and her mother’s struggles made her determined to avoid the challenges of working outside the home.

“My parents divorced when I was young and my mum struggled with her kids to make ends meet,” she recalled. “I strongly knew that I didn’t want that for myself. I didn’t want to be the woman that went out to work all day and then have to come home to cook and clean.”

Estee continued, “I dreamed of staying home and having a partner that would appreciate my role as a homemaker. I just wanted a simple and traditional life.

Despite negative comments, she believes in finding happiness by caring for her home and family. Estee brushes off accusations of laziness and rejects stereotypes about financial dependence leading to abuse, expressing contentment with her chosen way of life.

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