Women Approached Man Asking If He’d Date Them, Not Realizing That He Was a Famous Actor

Two women have gone viral on TikTok after they approached a stranger on the street and asked if he would like to date them without having an idea that the man was a famous British actor.

Digital creator Ruby Hexx and her friend, Ivy Fox, were filming a TikTok video in which they had to ask random people on the streets if they would like to date them or have $100 instead.

The girls then came across a handsome hunk on the street and stopped him to ask the same question. The crazy part was neither of them realized that the cute guy they were talking to was Game of Thrones star Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

In the now-viral TikTok clip, YouTuber Ruby Hexx and her pal Ivy Fox stopped Thomas on the street and repeated the same question as part of their video if he’d rather have a hundred dollars or go on a date with them.

“Excuse me, would you rather have $100 or a date with us two,” asked Ruby.

In response, the 32-year-old Love Actually actor turned around and looked at the two ladies to process what he had just been asked.

“Oh, I’m in a relationship,” he said, adding he would take the hundred dollars instead.

“Awww,” the two ladies giggled, still having no idea who they were talking to.

“No offense,” he said. “But I’m also English, so dollars are no use to me. So I’d have neither.”

“£90?” friend Ivy asked The Maze Runner star.

“All right, 90 quid then,” he agreed.

As her friend laughed, looking obviously charmed by the actor, Ruby stopped him again and asked,

“Just out of interest, are you an actor?”

“I am an actor,” he replied. However, the ladies still didn’t recognize who he actually was and Ruby tried to guess the movie he appeared in.

“Did you do The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?” she asked thinking if he was Skandar Keynes.

“No. I went to the premiere but I wasn’t in it,” he politely told them without revealing his name.

Listening to this the girls simply walked away without asking any further questions and later they shared the clip online.

The video quickly went viral for obvious reasons, and people went crazy in the comment section asking Ruby how she and her friend could not recognize The Queen’s Gambit star.


“Mate that’s Timothy from that one Doctor Who story,” a second said.

“bro just bumped into Thomas Brodie sangster like t was nothing,” a third commented.

“OMG YOU DIDNT RECOGNIZE HIM????” someone asked.

“I think I’d pass out if I met Thomas,” said another fan.

“Just casually bumping into Newt,” said someone else.

“Asking bro if he wants £90 when he’s got millions in the bank,” another added laughing.


He was so sweet, i hope his gf sees this!@IVY FOX 🦊 😭 #thomasbrodiesangster

♬ original sound – Ruby Hexx

The video amassed over 2.5 million views on TikTok and nearly 255K people liked it.

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