The Women Who Struggle With Anxiety Are Also The Strongest

She has been dealing with anxiety for some substantial time now and it certainly hasn’t been easy. The long has been rough and unfair; and even though she knows that the odds are stacked against her, she still continues to look at the world with a brave face. She doesn’t consider herself a victim because she refuses to let her own mental struggles put her at a disadvantage. She doesn’t see herself as someone you need to take pity on because she knows that she’s capable of great things in life despite all of her setbacks. She knows that she is going to be defined by so much more than just her anxiety. She knows that she is worth so much more than what people give her credit for. She has learned the value of keeping a brave face on;

of holding her chin up high even when she has every reason to just break down and cry. She knows that there’s absolute pandemonium going on inside of her soul. She doesn’t see herself as weak. She knows that she isn’t perfect; but she doesn’t let her weaknesses hold her back either. She knows that there is much room for improvement but she doesn’t let the challenge of an uphill climb faze her one bit. She is a very strong girl; constantly walking the minefields of a life filled with anxiety and mental torture. It takes a LOT of courage, strength, and resilience to continue to wake up every day and deal with the challenges that come with anxiety. She finds a way to function accordingly; to get by.

And it’s only because she has tried everything possible to make sure that the world doesn’t leave her behind She is constantly keeping pace with everyone else despite the heavier load that she is being forced to bear. She has an anxious heart that is constantly keeping her jumpy; but she retains the calmness and poise that she needs to reassure herself that everything is going to turn out fine. She understands the importance of not giving in; of not letting herself become consumed by her own unfortunate circumstances. She knows that she has so much potential and that she can’t let any of it go to waste just because of her mental anxieties. She is just as ambitious as anyone else in this world;

and she wants to have an opportunity to attain everything she could ever want out of this life. She doesn’t want to be seen as someone who is merely watching life from the sidelines. She doesn’t want to be seen as someone who is merely watching life from the sidelines. She doesn’t want to be a mere spectator. She doesn’t want to be a bench warmer. She wants to get into the game – just like everyone else. And she doesn’t want to let her anxiety be an excuse for anyone else to take it easy on her. She still wants to be her genuine self. She still wants to be able to actualize her dreams and manifest them into reality. Of course, her anxiety is constantly bombarding her with extra worries and troubles.

However, she is always able to find a way to muster up the strength to fight and strike back. She finds a way to make it seem like she’s capable of bearing extra loads. She’s afraid but you would never be able to tell by looking at her. She’s scared but you would never be able to accuse her of it. She’s terrified but she always finds a way to make it seem like she’s not even fazed. She is a really strong girl even when she usually lives within the dark confines of her own mind. She gets really sweaty palms. She is constantly grasping for any string of hope that she can grab hold of. She has a strong will and a positive disposition – and that’s despite her having her own mind betray her all the time. Anxiety is constantly throwing hurdle after hurdle at her;

but she’s keeping pace. She’s clearing these hurdles with a reckless abandon. Even when her mind is telling her that she should just quit, her heart is always telling her to persevere. And she keeps on going no matter how tired she is or how rocky the path may seem. And she knows that there is no easy way out of her predicament; and she’s fine with that. She knows that there I no shortcut to safety; and that doesn’t discourage her one bit. That’s why she’s the strongest. She may be broken and battered – but these trials have only made her more formidable. She is indeed a force to be reckoned with. She’s a girl you would never want to mess with; a woman you would never want to cross.

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