Your Worst Qualities According To Your Zodiac Sign

For all those who believe in Zodiac signs will be surprised to know that zodiac signs define our negative traits as well. It is believed that all Zodiac signs represent a different cluster of personality traits.

There are good traits and then there are bad traits. Most of us know about the good traits that people have according to their Zodiac signs but many of us are still not aware of the bad traits. We all have a few bad traits that we share with the people who the same zodiac sign as ours.

Now let’s take an example here, you might have heard someone saying that someone in their family has Aries as their zodiac sign and that person has a lot of temper issues. Similarly, you know another person who is an Aries and that person also has temper issues.

So you observe a connection here. Then you find out more people with the same issue. This means that people do believe in the fact that negative qualities are linked with zodiac signs.

We will talk about each zodiac sign and how different negative traits are linked with them. This would be beneficial for you to find out that what negative traits are there in your personality or what negative traits you might see in others who have a certain zodiac sign.


The most common negative trait that has been observed in people with the zodiac sign Aries is anger. These people are known to be pushy and dominating as well as bossy. They’re also said to be arrogant in some cases. However, some people may believe that these traits are quite repelling but at the same time these traits are often linked with leadership.

Impatience and defensiveness is also observed to some extent in people who have the zodiac sign Aries. The thing about these people is that they really love to argue. And they’re always ready for an argument. Another thing as mentioned earlier is impatience. They are the kind who want things to happen quickly and perfectly. It is sometimes really hard please these people.

The trick to get around smoothly with an Aries is to let them have their time and space to calm themselves after an argument, to figure things and find their ground again. Do not rush things when it comes to important matters and opinions for an Aries. The fact that their tendency to get impatient leads to them overreacting in some situations, too. So you might want to take that into heed when dealing with a person born as Aries.

Laziness also proves to be a huge turn-off for Aries. That is also one of the reasons they tend to rush things, becoming impatient and somewhat childlike too, at times. To avoid such a behavior, make sure you pay attention to when an Aries tells you something important to do. Not doing it in time will make them impatient.

And the fact that you lack attention will anger them more. They are great leaders and advocates, can be amazing friends and lovers too until you do all these things and get on their bad side. Keep it cool with an Aries, they will do the same for you.В You can also read our very famous articles on how to love an AriesВ andВ how you should be loved.В – Continue reading on next page


Zodiac sign are firstly considered as very hardworking as well as reliable but there are some of the traits in them that are considered to be the most negativeВ В  anime sometimes do when they’re charged.

These people are sometimes very lazy as well as stubborn. They’re also said to be quite messy. If you ever plan to go inside their room then do not expect to see tidiness or organized things.

Just keep yourself ready to face a mess and if you have OCD then try not to go in their room at all. People with this zodiac sign are the kind who would want to go for the easiest options available. They also have the habit to seek shortcuts which may lead them to a mess.

But there is this one motivation in their life and that is to get rich. This may sometimes change or at least overcome their negative traits because of course in order to get rich you have to work hard.

Another major negative trait common in a Taurus is their sudden indecisiveness. These people care tons about feeling secure around people, around things and around themselves as well. In order to attain that deep sense of security, they might make one decision and if it does not suit them to their needs as they expected it to, they will not waste a moment to jump onto something else, something new.

That makes them pretty indecisive, something you might come to find as annoying. They are very stubborn people too, which leads to other negative traits too. Want to convince a Taurus about going on that field trip? You will have to try extra hard to do so. Often in their will to stay in one place and state, stubborn as they are, a Taurian will ignore almost anything and everything you send down their wayeven when it is something good for them. Their staunch beliefs rarely change.

That sometimes tends to make them a bit old fashioned, unwilling to change at all. Therefore, while dealing with a Taurian, keep in mind their stubborn attitude and plan something unique to change their thoughts and emotions. Do not judge them for being like that, otherwise you will definitely make it on their hit-list. They are very loyal people at heart. They rarely love completely but once they do, love is all they know.

Give them full reassurances from time to time that you understand their intense need for security and stability, and in turn they will give you all they have.В  You can also read our another piece on 7 things that make Taurus the most romantic partner ever.В – Continue reading on next page


Gemini are considered to be the kind of people who may seem extremely charming to some, whereas extremely two-faced to others. One cannot easily judge whether a Gemini is actually being nice or just being diplomatic.

This is one thing about their personality that makes them quite unpleasant. At first encounter one may think that the person has the most beautiful personality with a sophisticated look and is quite well spoken. But, as time passes, one may be able to observe that it is not only what’s visible but in fact there is a lot of things behind that Charming mask.

Gemini are the kind who lose interest very quickly. Then also get nervous in situations where others would wonder if getting nervous in that situation is even possible and they are quite scattered. Here, scattered means that there are disorganized and it’s a little hard for them to keep up with work and moving things. They also have a tendency to be immature and because of this ,in their professional life they do face a lot of problems.

All this duality is Gemini in quite obvious, given the fact they are represented by the symbol of the twins. This two-sided aspect in their personality often goes as deep as to their mental state. A constant battle is forever raging on inside them the battle to follow good or bad, be charming or moody, be an introvert or an extrovert and so forth.

Due to this reason, it is pretty evident that they will not deal with the outside world as calmly and collectively as one might expect them to. They are smart people who are amazing at supporting their claims and arguments with definitive evidence. That makes them feel a little proud about themselves, which in turn makes those around them envy them. If you know of a Gemini who behaves in such a way, give them your support.

That is all they ask. Being as dual as they are and tormented between the yes and no, the highs and the lows, the good and the bad they need to know you have got their back and do not view them as a psychopath for being the way they are. Compliment them a bit every now and then over how smart and resourceful they are. It will make their day more than you know. When they get doubtful about what to do, give them some good and helpful advice to make them see their way again.В Also read our separate article for Geminies:В 5 Easy Ways to Love a Gemini.

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Cancerians are usually very sensitive. One may never know what word out of their mouth might end up offending the cancerian. Cancerians are very moody. Sometimes this may offend people around them and they may want to avoid that person.

There is another trait that has been mentioned by many people who are close to cancerians and that is that it’s quite difficult sometimes or nearly impossible to find out what is going through their mind. Cancerians like to stay completely quiet when it comes to sharing their emotional problems.

They are the kind of people who like to lock up their emotions inside themselves and avoid sharing them. This may bother their loved ones because loved ones expect us to share our problems with them. When someone doesn’t share their problems with their loved ones then it might give their loved ones a negative impression.

Like Taurians, Cancerians are also very stubborn and clingy, to be precise. They are symbolized by the crab. Just like the crab holds on tightly to whatever it catches in its claws, Cancerians also tend to hold on very tightly to things and people. It might be some cherishes memory, a past lover, mistakes and regrets the list is long. Whatever holds even the slight bit of worth and value in the eyes of a Cancerian, expect them to latch on to it like a leech. Their exceptional clinginess also makes them come out as desperate in relationships. Some might push them away because of their clinginess, as it feels ‘annoying’ to others.

Another negative trait in a Cancer is how they are very bossy at times, but tell them to do something and you have incurred their wrath. They might tell others what to do all the time, but when it comes to themselves, they hate nothing more than being told what to do when they know how to do it better in their own way and time. All a Cancer needs, therefore, is for you to put up with their moods, not boss them around and give them their alone time while they go and sulk inside their shells much like a crab.В Also read 10 things you need to know about a Cancerian woman.

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Leo is another one of those Zodiac signs which is said to be linked with temper problems. A person who has the zodiac sign Leo would always want things to work according to their desires and their needs. If things don’t work according to that then they will throw tantrums and show aggression.

It is quite easy for others to observe that selfishness is a very strong trait in people who have Leo as their zodiac sign. When they want something they wouldn’t think about the consequences for others or for themselves even. They would want to have the thing there and then. Which also shows a certain level of impatience.

Leos are also said to be self-centered. They love to get attention. One can get the idea through this example that if there’s a room full of people and a person who has the zodiac sign Leo does not get the right kind of attention or the appropriate amount of attention that that person would start to get uncomfortable and possibly look sad and unhappy with the environment. It is safe to say that their favorite subject is their own self.

As they are represented by the lion, and therefore, much like a lion, they are brave and bold. Sometimes, that braveness and boldness borders on to over-confidence; it might lead the other to feel neglected. Leos hate ignorance. If someone appears to be unaware of something that means a lot to a Leo, that ignorance will make them view that person negatively, forgetting other positive things in them.

This leads to unwanted isolation for the Leo. Again, not getting enough attention will bring them on their bad side. Leos dislike losing as well. Used to being the winners the ones under the limelight they will do anything and say anything to win, possibly hurting the ones close to them in the process. To avoid a rough patch with a Leo, acknowledge and appreciate their boldness and their defensiveness they offer you even if that comes in their selfish streak.В В Here are some qualities of Leo women and how you should treat them the right way.В 

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Virgos are said to be the scary kind of perfectionist who everybody wants to stay away from. Virgos would always tell you how imperfect your work is. Even though you believe you have tried your best but virgos are capable of finding the tiniest bit of flaws in other people’s work.

Another one of their most amazing negative trait is that they can remember the most unpleasant memories from their own past or anyone else’s past and be very open about it. Another thing which has been observed at different levels in people with the zodiac sign Virgo is that they have a very high tendency of looking down upon people. These are the traits which are quite scary.

They adore order and neatness most of all, in basically everything. If they see you in some disorder clothes not properly ironed, cables lying scattered around the living room, messy work table and so forth they will be there instantly to fix it all for you. If you do not let them, they will be hurt. In their mind’s eye, they just want to help and order your life and work, but they often overlook the fact that some people like that mess, that they are born that way and such.

Their need to care and nurture might come off as too much for some. If you tell them not to do so, it will make them angry and they might cut you off for a long time. So to avoid getting on their bad side, focus on the neat little things they do for you. If you do not like the changes they make, suggest them other ways.В Here are 13 things that you should know about loving a Virgo.


The negative traits of Libra include the fact that they are not really good at decision-making. It is really hard for them to make decisions regarding their own life. They may find help from others even for the things where they do not need help.

Dependency is considered dangerous after a certain level which is why Libra is said to be quite dependent on others and it is a bad trait. There’s another thing which bothers many people is the fact that they can be really fake.

They’re superficial and they always need approval from others. Therefore it is more or less like air to them. When somebody appreciates them or when somebody tells them that what they’re doing is right then it would make them happy.

Libras hate injustice. They have a crystal clear vision of what is right and just. That makes them bring about sudden changes to people and things without letting them know. It makes them to be viewed as unpredictable, a thought many find discomforting when it comes to being in a relationship with a Libra. Their negative traits will not come out much if you offer them proper support and strength, given their dependency on others for approval and so forth.В Also read Why are Libras considered as the best long term partners.В 

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The negative traits of Scorpio include high levels of control, demanding nature and vindictiveness. These are the three things which can make a person least attractive in terms of Personality. In the long run people would not just go for good looks but also a good personality.

Therefore, when these three things come together then they can be disastrous. Scorpios resist a lot of change. They like to hang on to things that they have hung on to all their lives. Changes scare them. They have another bad habit and that is that they can never forgive people. They can even take out the dirtiest memories from the past of others and not forget them.В В 

And it is not just the memories they will stab you with. Their sting also includes taking proper revenge. Since they find it almost impossible to forgive after they are wronged, they plot devious ways to hurt the other in any way they can just to get back at them. Another negative trait in a Scorpio is their deep love for the occult. It might have its perks, sure, but most of the time, they let much too bizarre thoughts and beliefs get the best of them, hence straying from their former beliefs and faith.

They tend to lose a sense of hope and belonging at time too. Reassure them time and again that they are unique creatures with a love like no other, that they are cared for, that they matter and let them handle things the way they want at timesyou will save yourself from a whole lot of trouble. Before passing any rude comment or hurting them in any way, just remember that years from now in a public place or alone, Scorpio will not be merciful and miss their chance to get back at you. So tread carefully around them. If you’re planning on dating a Scorpio then you should know the 15 Brutally Honest things about Scorpios.


Among the negative traits of Sagittarius, the most common one is the fact that they’re highly blunt and they would love to give their opinion even if it is not needed. This can sometimes be dangerous especially when you are in a professional setting.

You can always be blunt in front of everyone. Sometimes one has to keep quiet in order to be liked by others. Giving your opinion all the time isn’t necessary. Sometimes even the most intellectual people with the right kinds of opinion choose to stay quiet.

Another one of the negative traits of Sagittarius is that they are detached. Emotionally they would not care how their words make other people feel which is why one can easily say that they’re emotionally detached from everything.

These people are famous and even notorious for their spontaneity. That being said, they love nothing more than going on new adventures. They might just take your arm and force you to take that road trip they had been thinking about a day before. Such a behavior often makes them forget that others have plans too, lives to lead and want of rest.

They put their need and urge to be up and about experiencing something above others even those they love. Another common negative trait in Sagittarius is that they defy most of everything the other throws at them. They might not listen to your perspective as patiently as you want them too.

If you know a Sagittarius and want to avoid their negative traits for appearing too often, peacefully let them know you are not fond of new adventures all the time like them and have your own business to tend to. Make them see your point but do not press them into giving you an answer if you are not prepared to hear it.В Also read,В 10 Ways to Love a Sagittarius.


Capricorns are the kind who worry a lot. Even when everything is okay, they would still worry too much. In such a case, they might end up bothering people around them. Some people have the habit of worrying even when it is not needed at all. Capricorns can also be rigid.

They would want to do things which might not even mean anything or have any value, but they would still do it just because they want to do it. This rigidity can be bad in the long-term. Capricorns are also said to be workaholics which is why sometimes their personal life gets a little disturbed.

They don’t believe in spending time where it’s not needed. Sometimes, the other person might need a few minutes of their time but since they prefer doing something practical, it’ll be a ‘waste of time’ for them. This comes off as rude to others, making it a negative trait in Capricorn. Remind them you’ll support them in the one thing that matters most to them: work and things will go smoothly.  10 Things to Remember While Loving a Capricorn and if you are in a relationship with a Capricorn read, 10 ways to make a strong relationship with a Capricorn!

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Aquarius is one of those zodiac signs who are generally considered as really sweet ones but there are a few bad traits which can make a person bang their head against the wall. A very amazing and effective yet annoying treatment named as the silent treatment was probably invented by someone who had the zodiac sign Aquarius.

They are really good at keeping quiet and keeping things to themselves. This can create distance at a slow pace among loved ones.В В 

They have a different sense of entertainment, and might judge yours harshly. To avoid getting on their bad side, show them patience. They’ll come around to it themselves.  Also read, 9 Things to Adopt For a Healthy Relationship with an Aquarius.


Pisces are the dreamer kind. They dream a little too much and sometimes dreaming too much can be a problem because that detaches you from the reality. The thing is that when you deal with reality you become tougher and you learn to be more practical in life. Another bad trait of prices is that they are very confused and most of the time they’re seen lost in their imaginations.

They have high expectations from those they love, which makes them very demanding at times. To stay on their good side, don’t take their zoning out personally and be gentle with them. Also read, 10 things you need to know about Loving a Pisces.

We really hope that this increased your knowledge and helped you in knowing people better through their zodiac signs. Do give us your opinion on how helpful and accurate this was to you.

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