You Aren’t Emotionally Unavailable, You Are Guarding Your Heart

The guarded girl is basically a girl with a big heart who’s been hurt way too many times. Her beautiful, sweet essence is not gone, it’s just hiding underneath the strong shell that protects her heart. At her core she’s a sweet, warmhearted, passionate and an extremely loving individual. She’s built strong walls around her heart but deep down, she just wants to be understood and loved and she also wants to give her heart away deeply and intensely. It just takes a real man to see right through her and love her for who she really is.

She might seem emotionally unavailable but she’s far from lacking emotion. If anything, she feels too much. Her true nature craves passion, she wants to love hard and unconditionally, so be patient with her heart. This type of girl is not going around playing games, she’s unapologetically honest and direct. She’s not going to put up with any bullshit, so any signs that your intentions might be potentially harmful to her soul, and she won’t even bother giving you the time a day.

Her heart is not cold, it is not small and it is not closed. It is wide open to true love. her heart is brimming with positivity and selfless love and affection. she’s simply protected and there’s a distinction. Her trust issues keep her from being completely open about her feelings at first, yet that doesn’t mean she won’t inevitably open up and enable you to see her for who she genuinely is.

She has the most amazing company to offer. She respects who you are and is very attentive. She is smart, mindful and very observant so don’t mistake her for a naive girl who you can fool and get away with it. She focuses on everything around her since she realizes that there’s in every case something else under the surface. there’s always more than what meets the eye. Keep in mind, she’s been tricked and harmed a ton in this way, she’s very quick in understanding people and their intentions.

She’s the kind of lady who gives people a chance to draw near, yet not very close. She keeps her feelings inside herself, hidden away from the world. She prefers to stay away on the grounds that that is simply the best way to ensure that she doesn’t have to go through deception and heartbreak again.  But, nothing will make her feeling-less. She won’t stop believing in love, trust and happy endings. She will never wind up turning stone-like and she will never be devoid of feelings. She won’t run for people who don’t love her back She knows how to treat herself and she will make sure others treat her that way too. She never fears what is to come. She has faith in her fate, never flinching at the thought of the unknown.

She’s super particular with individuals and she will never apologize for securing her heart. The lady with a protected heart requires a long time to confer and place her trust in another person, yet once she realizes that her affections for you are genuine and that they’re being requited instead of being left ignored, she’ll gradually turn out to be increasingly trusting, open and loving girl. Try not to question her sentiments, simply be straightforward, delicate and quiet with her feelings. Handle her heart with care if she ever decides to give it to you. Her heart is in the perfect place and she simply should be sure that you’re worthy of her adoration. She may come off as uninviting and demanding however she’s has a sweet soul that is the sweetest among all souls, so make sure that once she realizes that you’re the right partner for her, she’ll adore you with every last bit of her being.

This girl guards her heart fiercely, but she’s saving her love and emotions for the right person and when she finds that person, she’s going to shower them with all of it. that’s what she’s been waiting for. that’s what she has saved these special and pure feelings for. for the right person and the right time. Yes, she will not give herself to you easily because she knows people cannot be easily and blindly trusted. But the day she finally finds the one for her, she will never block her emotions out. She will happily and wholeheartedly embrace the destiny.

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