You Broke Her Heart And Now You’ve Lost Her Forever

If you’re looking back and you realize that she was the girl for you – and you happened to let her go, then you know what it is that you’ve lost. Or maybe, you’re too blind to see just how significant of an impact her leaving is going to make on your life.

Maybe when you first left her, you knew that she was already the right person for you. However, maybe the timing was just off. Maybe you just weren’t in a good place in your life. Maybe you just weren’t ready to give her the love that she deserved and that’s why you let her go.

Or maybe you were just plain stupid to see that she was the best thing to ever happen to her and that’s why you just took her for granted. Maybe you left her behind and started a new life because you didn’t realize what you had with her. And somewhere along the line, you came to the realization that she was definitely one of a kind.

You took her for granted and you didn’t really value her the way that she deserved to be valued. You gradually pushed her farther and farther away until she was completely out of sight. Whatever the case, you definitely know that you made a huge mistake by letting her go and you are going to come to regret it for the rest of your life.

She was the perfect girl for you and you blew the perfect opportunity to find happiness in love with her. You were just too naïve to see the purity and authenticity of your love. You didn’t realize the kind of girl that she could have been to you and you never really recognized what you needed to do to keep her with you.

You had the most amazing girl that you could possibly ever get. She was so committed and devoted to you and your relationship. She loved you more than anyone could ever possibly love another person. She loved you with all of her mind, heart, and soul. She loved you without conditions or restrictions.

She loved you without reservations. She gave you everything that she had to give and you just chose to throw it all away. And when you did, you broke her heart. You shattered it into a million pieces.

You made her feel like her love wasn’t enough even when she was practically giving you everything that she had. You made her feel like she would never find love again because even though what you had was pure, you still found it possible to throw it all away.

She was so hopeful for what the two of you had but you just never seemed to want to reciprocate those efforts for her. She thought that you would be the one for her. She thought that she would end up with you and that you would spend the rest of your waking days together. But it broke her to find out that you didn’t really feel the same way.

You trampled on her heart in ways that she didn’t even know was possible. However, even though she was the one who was hurting at the time, it is you who is going to be suffering for it in the long run. The moment you broke her heart, she came to the realization that you weren’t the person she fell in love with after all.

And now, you’ve lost her. She’s gone and you’re never going to see her again. You are never going to get her back. You are going to really regret leaving her.

You will say that you would be willing to do whatever it takes to get her back. But none of it is going to be enough. You had your chance with her and you just blew it. And it’s during that time wherein you will realize just how much you have lost.

You have now forever lost the girl who would hold your hand whenever you had walks in the park. She did so because she wanted you to feel the warmth of her love in the palm of your hand but you never seemed to notice. You have now forever lost the girl who always made sure that you had a hot meal to come home to whenever you were too tired from work to think about anything else.

You never really thanked her for it but she was still very religious about it. You have now forever lost the girl who used to make elaborate plans for your dates so that you would always feel loved and appreciated. And yet, you never felt the need to do the same for her.

You have now lost the girl who was your best friend in the whole world. She was always making herself available for you whenever you needed someone to talk to. She was your partner in life. And you chose to just break her heart.

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