You Broke Her Heart And You Have Changed Her Forever

You walked into her life even when she didn’t ask you to. As the song goes, you came in like a wrecking ball and you wreaked your havoc in her life. You set her up to fall, and that’s exactly what she did. She expected you to catch her, but you never brought yourself to do so. She expected you to take care of her, but you let her break into a million little pieces instead. You made her think that you would always be there for her. You made her think that you were falling right along with her, but you just let her do it alone.

You made her think of so many possibilities. You definitely got her hopes up. You made her fantasize about a life of love and perpetual happiness with you. You were doing and saying so many things that made her think that you would always be there for her without fail. And yet, you did fail. You weren’t there for her. You never really did anything to back up the things that you were telling her. You made her fall for you to the point that she made you her everything. But then, you treated her like she was nothing. She made you her priority and you just considered her to be another expendable option in your life.

You led her to believe that you would love her more than any other human being could love another person. You made her think that you were serious about making this woman the absolute love of your life. You gave her so many signs that pointed to you just actually committing to being with her forever and ever. And yet, you failed on that front. You delivered on none of those things. You just left her hanging. You left her waiting for nothing. There was nothing sincere, genuine, or authentic about you. Everything that you ever did or said was built on a bed of lies. And she’s now paying the price for that while you roam free and unscathed.

She was already feeling so comfortable with opening herself up to you. She was already open to the idea of just letting you into her life in a very intimate capacity. And you took her up on it. You took advantage of all the trust that she gave you. She opened the doors of her heart to you, and she let you in. But what did you do? You left it in shambles by the time you were done. You walked into someone’s home and you messed everything up. Then, you left as if you hadn’t just wrecked another person’s life. You left as if what you did was small and insignificant. Why did you do that? What did you do it for?

The only thing that this girl ever wanted was a man who would love her the way that she felt like she deserved to be loved. She only ever wanted to feel love the way that she saw it in the movies. She just wanted her own fairytale. She wanted a taste of what true love was like. She didn’t set out to hurt anyone. She wasn’t being selfish. She wasn’t being mean. She just wanted to feel the love that she was so ready to give another person in return. All she really wanted was to feel the butterflies in her stomach and the skipped heartbeats.

She just wanted a guy who would love her wholeheartedly. And she thought that you would be that guy for her. She believed that if she gave you her heart, you would treat it with the utmost care, love, and respect. She thought that if she let you in, you would just embody all sorts of magic and wonder in her life. But you did the exact opposite. You did the exact thing that she was afraid of you doing. You broke her, and now, she’s forever changed. She’s no longer going to be the same hopeful and optimistic girl you once met and lied to. She’s going to be bent, broken, cynical, and a little bit damaged because of all your antics.

And even though you might think that this doesn’t matter much to you right now, it’s going to. One day, you’re going to come to the realization that a girl like her is hard to come by. You will discover that a woman like her is one in a million. And there is no way that you would ever be able to find someone like her. And while she’s the one who is in pain and is feeling hurt right now, you are the one who is going to end up regretting not treating her right.

She’s going to become the girl who will haunt you forever. She’s going to forever be the girl that you missed out on because you were too blind to see just how good you had it.

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  1. It’s been 2 years since i broke her, i didn’t feel any regret at the time but for the past 2 months it has got to me and badly this describes very accurately the situation she fell for me and even though i struggled to get her to love me at the time i did it and she ended up loving me more than anyone in her life and at that point i left her and destroyed her heart i will always live with this guilt, even though we’ve spoken and she said she’s over it, i apologized in every way possible, but this will always be with me and i will never forgive myself for it, all i can wish for today is that god protects her and takes care of her forever because even though she’s not the same person she used to be after i broke her i know she’s 1 in a million and has a heart of gold. I hope she finds someone that will dedicate his life to her and be what she always wanted me and thought i would be

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