You Could Be Single Because You Are Smart. Here’s Why…

Intelligence is going to help you get really far in life. However, you might find that there is one aspect of your existence where intelligence might actually be holding you back from succeeding. If you have been a perpetually single person your whole life, then it’s likely that you actually chose to be that way.

But nowadays, you see so many people around you who are falling in love and getting into relationships. And you’re wondering if it’s something that you could also experience for yourself. You’re also slowly starting to discover that maybe your intelligence is what is stopping you from actually getting into one.

You are smart and you know exactly what you want out of life. That means that you don’t usually find yourself in positions wherein you end up regretting putting yourself there in the first place. And that’s partly why you never seem to be in a relationship.

You are always just waiting for the “perfect” one to arrive because you don’t want to be taking your chances on just anyone. So, until you find someone who is actually going to be good enough to meet your needs and expectations, you’re going to stay single.

And as it turns out, this isn’t just anecdotal evidence here. There is some serious science at play that says intelligence might actually be the reason that you are living a life of solitude.

Based on a study that was conducted by the British Journal of Psychology, people who are highly intelligent tend to be a lot unhappier when they are forced to socialize with people they don’t like. They also experience significantly lower levels of satisfaction in life when they are always surrounded by other people.

According to the results of the survey, it was implied that people who have high levels of intelligence didn’t really see socializing as an activity that would somehow benefit them.

Intelligent people are also proven to be more likely to be able to solve problems whenever they are left on their own and that’s why they don’t really feel compelled to interact with other people. Further studies confirm that intelligent people tend to value the attachment of friendships and new connections to people much less than others.

If you are the kind of person who likes to keep to yourself a lot instead of actually going out and having a really big social circle, then it might actually be a sign of intelligence as opposed to introversion. Also, the high level of intelligence might also be the reason why you will have substantial difficulty in finding a partner in life.

Here are other reasons why intelligence might be keeping you from getting into a relationship.

1. You know who you are and exactly what you want.

You know that you’re all that and you have high expectations. You are unapologetic about just not liking certain things and people.

2. You find it difficult to find a person who is on the same page as you.

A lot of the times, because of your heightened intellect and vast perspective, people will misunderstand you. And it’s always hard to make a relationship work when you can’t be on the same page as the person you’re with.

3. Your intelligence doesn’t allow you to settle for just anyone.

You know just how smart you really are. And you also know that a person of your intelligence shouldn’t just be settling for the first person they find. You always make it a point to find someone who is actually worthy of being with you.

4. You get bored way too easily.

Because of your intelligence, you are the type of person who gets bored fairly quickly. You are constantly searching for stimulation and growth. You are always looking to challenge yourself in every way possible – even with the people you’re with.

5. You want someone who is deeply appreciative of your quirks and eccentricities.

You know that you’re a cut above the rest and that you have a very special skill set. You only want to be with someone who accepts you for who you really are and all the parts that come with it.

6. You know that you intimidate a lot of people and you don’t care for them.

Your intelligence is very intimidating to a lot of people and you don’t really care for them that much. You don’t feel compelled to be censoring yourself just to please other people.

7. You really know how to cut through a person’s bullshit.

And consider this last reason to be a real blessing. You are smart enough to know when someone is only looking to play around with you. That means you are able to protect yourself from those who are only going to use, abuse, and manipulate you in a relationship.

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