You Deserve Someone Who Is Terrified To Lose You

Of course, you are probably attracted to the most confident and self-assured men in the world. Naturally, you are going to be drawn to these types of guys – and that’s okay. It’s perfectly understandable. It’s easier to fall in love with someone who is convinced that he is someone who is worthy of loving. It’s good that you want someone who has a good sense of self-worth. It’s good that you are with someone who doesn’t have any issues with insecurity and vulnerability. There’s something so liberating about being in a relationship with a confident person.

It’s as if you own personal insecurities are alleviated somehow just because you’re together. Perhaps you’ve been dealing with some self-esteem issues yourself and that’s why you want to latch on to someone who can teach you how to be more assured about who you are. Or maybe you’re a confident person and you feel like you could only ever really function in a relationship with someone who is the same way. Whatever the case, it can indeed be very tempting to fall in love with a confident guy.

It seems like there are just so many upsides to being with someone who is so self-assured and who seems like he has everything together in his life. However, have you considered the alternative? What if you actually dated a guy who feels scared and insecure around you? What if you actually considered being with a man who is anxious whenever he’s around you?

It might seem like a totally foreign experience to you at first, but take the time to really think about it. Don’t dismiss it outright. Don’t be so close-minded. Open yourself up to this idea for a little bit. It might seem really weird to consider getting attracted to someone who acts all fidgety, nervous, and awkward around you. But if you really take the time to think about it, it isn’t really necessarily a bad thing.

When a guy is just far too sure of himself, if he’s too confident, that isn’t always going to make for a very good situation. That doesn’t necessarily guarantee an ideal relationship environment. There are plenty of men who just overdo their confidence to the point of being cocky and arrogant. There are a lot of guys who are foolish enough to believe in themselves too much to the point where they lack the humility that it takes to sustain a relationship.

These are the types of guys who are going to feel entitled to everything in relationships. They are going to walk up to you and woo you with their charisma and charm. They are going to talk to you and convince you into being interested in them just because they’re so interested in themselves. And this is a great way to convince a person that you’re completely self-absorbed. And that’s always a warning sign that you can’t afford to ignore.

The truth is that it’s always a good idea to date someone who feels a certain level of nervousness whenever they’re around you. It shows that they’re investing themselves in you – and that they actually have something to lose with you. Just because a person is nervous around you doesn’t mean that they lack confidence in other aspects of life. Remember that striking a balance is always going to be key. When someone is nervous around you, it’s probably because they are afraid of making the wrong impression on you.

When someone lacks confidence with you, it’s probably because they consider you to be amazing and that they might not be worthy of being with you. They want to impress you. They want to make sure that they’re doing everything right o win over your affections. They feel like they don’t want to screw things up with you. And it’s that fear that pressures them into being the best possible guy for you. When a guy is just too overconfident, then there is no fear. There is no pressure. There is no incentive to be better.

An overconfident guy is going to end up taking you for granted because of how much they believe in themselves. An overconfident guy isn’t going to be afraid of losing you and so he might not feel totally invested in doing everything possible to get you to stay. So hopefully, you find someone who is afraid of losing you. Hopefully, you fall in love with someone who is afraid of how much they love you. You should be with someone who never stops fighting for you to stay.

You should be with someone who would never take you for granted. You should be with someone who is always going to be invested in keeping you happy and contented. You should be with someone who fears losing you – because this person is going to fight like hell to keep you around.

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