You Don’t Deserve Anything Less Than These Standards In A Relationship

You, my dear, are worth much more than you think.

We have all been in relationships where we have had to compromise a lot, thinking that maybe we do not deserve something better. But, trust us, no matter how much compromise a relationship requires, you should never compromise on the following standards because along with you, every human deserves to be in a relationship that has the following criterion.

  1. Your partner sees you as an absolute treasure. They feel lucky to have you and they never think of being with someone that isn’t you. To them, you are their whole world but at the same time, they have a life of their own too and do not expect you to be their everything in every aspect of their lives
  2. You deserve someone who, along with you, takes care of himself too. You cannot expect a human to take care of you if he/she cannot take care of themselves. You deserve someone who is careful about their hygiene and health. Not only that, they inspire and push you to be your best healthy self.
  3. You deserve someone in your life who takes care of you at all costs, even during arguments. They do not scream at you or belittle you. Instead, they remember that they need to care about you and consider you. Plus, they know that the arguments always end.
  4. You deserve the person who never play games with you. The person is completely themselves and never try to be fake. They always tell you what they are thinking and they never twist their words or yours.
  5. Your partner motivates you to become a better person. Each day, you wake up with the goal of being your best self. You partner encourages you instead of talking you down and you always have the complete support.
  6. You deserve the person who will never give up on you even when you are your worst self. Your partner is patient with you and understands why you are acting in a way that you are.
  7. The person you deserve includes you in every aspect of their lives. They take both the big and small decision with your consultation. They make you feel like a genuine part of their lives.
  8. The person you deserve loves you for the person that you are. They do not try to change you. Moreover, they don’t do things for you just because you do things for them. Instead, their affection is unconditional.
  9. You deserve someone who has their complete trust in you and vice versa. You never feel insecure when they stay out late or don’t text or call you for a few hours. You understand that at the end of the day, your partner is yours. Moreover, you two give one another breathing space.
  10. The partner you deserve is always finding ways to make you happy. They arrange both small and big surprises for you when the need arises. Not only that, they go out of their way just to ensure your comfort and happiness.
  11. The person you deserve is hard-working and has a vision for the future. They are not satisfied by staying in one place, instead, they want to progress in life and achieve a lot. The person you deserve has goals and ladders to climb but at the same time, they do not let the goals interfere with the relationship
  12. The person you deserve listens to you with complete concentration. The person you deserve will be there for you in times of need providing their love and comfort without any conditions. They will also make sure that you get the attention that you need.
  13. The partner you deserve will get along with your friends and family. Not only that, they will like and respect your partner because they can see that level of love and care your partner has for you.
  14. The partner you deserve is not manipulative and does not make you do the things that you do not want to. Instead, he will be vocal regarding his needs and wants but he will never actually force you to fulfill those needs. He understands you well and he understands your limits too.
  15. The partner you deserve will never interfere in your social life. They will not care whom you hang out with and whom you don’t. Instead, they understand the importance of having a social life and they often encourage you to go out more with your friends.
  16. The person you deserve will never be jealous of your friends and co-workers. They know that the relationship is secure and the trust is ultimate. Your partner will never ask probing questions and they will never ask you to stop talking to a certain individual.
  17. The partner you deserve will have complete trust in your judgement and will never try to influence your opinions. Yes, they will give their best opinion but will never force it upon you.

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