You Have To Move On From The Man Who Isn’t Interested In You

You’ve already given too much of yourself into a relationship that has no chance of ever really forming.

Good on you for taking a chance and putting yourself out there. It’s never an easy thing for you to just let yourself be vulnerable. It’s never easy to just take that risk of getting hurt. There are so many aspects of the dating scene that can intimidate a lot of people; so be proud of yourself for actually taking a stand and throwing your name into the bowl. When you’ve been dating for a while, you would know that there are just so many people who will end up betraying or disappointing you and you’re going to have to learn to forgive these people. You will also know that you will grow to become attached to certain people who won’t necessarily same the same kind of attachment and enthusiasm towards you.

And when you find yourself in these kinds of situations, you really have to muster up the courage and the humility to say that you have to move on. When you know that a man just isn’t interested in getting romantically entangled with you, you have to be able to just swallow your pride and take that loss. Move on. You have to get over the fact that he really isn’t into you. You’ve already given too much of yourself into a relationship that has no chance of ever really forming. You have moved heaven and earth for a person who would never do the same for you. You have to be able to draw that line and you can’t dare cross it for the sake of your own dignity as a human being. Know your limits.

You deserve way better than to chase after someone who isn’t willing to chase after you. For now, you might find it a little difficult to believe that there’s someone out there who would actually be better for you. Some better guy is out there and you have to give yourself a chance to find him by just moving on. If you just allow yourself to continue to get caught up in this failed relationship experiment that you’re trying to force, then you are essentially allowing this man to keep you from the love that you really deserve to have. You have to know that you can’t let yourself get attached to a man who just isn’t going to grow attached to you in any way, shape, or form.

It’s taking up too much of your emotional energy. You’re trying to sustain a nonexistent relationship and it’s definitely taking its toll on you. It’s very weird because this man isn’t emotionally invested in you at all, but still, you allow him to have such a huge emotional impact on your own life; and this impact is weighing you down heavily. You are trying to carry a weight that you’re not even supposed to be carrying in the first place. Of course, this is a learning experience and maybe you even realize that. But you have to know that all learning experiences have their limits. You can’t possible keep persisting in a non-existent relationship especially when there are no more lessons for you to learn from.

You have to be able to set a limit for yourself. You have to be able to know that enough is enough for the sake of your emotional well-being. Learn to love yourself. You have to learn to really fight for the kind of love that you want to have. No one should ever have to settle for the kind of love that doesn’t give a hundred percent effort every single time. No one deserves to have to endure a halfhearted relationship. You should actually love yourself enough to know that the relationship that you’re in is less than ideal and you really shouldn’t have to settle for it. Granted, you try to persist because there still might be a chance of winning over.

You think that he’s just being coy and shy about it. You think that if you are patient enough, he is eventually going to come through for you. But you must also be wise enough to know that waiting isn’t always going to be worth it. It gets to a point wherein it’s just pathetic and you’re just practically waiting for nothing. If he were really into you, he would make it a point to let you know; he would be able to erase all doubt and apprehensions in your heart if he wanted to. At the end of the day, love shouldn’t be making you feel desperate. Love shouldn’t be making you feel anxious or on edge. It isn’t designed to be easy, but it shouldn’t be so difficult either. You have to respect yourself enough to actually move on from something that just isn’t meant for you.


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