You May Have Broken My Heart But I’m Now Stronger Because Of It

I won’t be too proud to say that you didn’t break my heart when you decided to break up with me. It’s true that you did. In fact, that might have been the worst I have ever felt in my life.

I was absolutely devastated by how everything turned out. However, even though I felt like I was so lost and broken on the inside, I can definitely say that I’m better for it. I can most definitely say that I am stronger now than I have ever been.

I understand that there are always going to be people out there who will try to hurt us. I used to let that really upset me. But I have learned that that shouldn’t really get to me anymore.

What matters is how I react to that situation. And based on how I reacted to the two of us breaking up, I know for sure that I am a much different woman than I was when the relationship first started.

I know now that I’m never going to give my love to a person who isn’t deserving of it. And that’s the big mistake that I made with you. I didn’t know at the time that I was just letting go of my confidence and self-worth.

I didn’t know that you were affecting me in such a negative way. I didn’t know that because of you, I had so many wounds and scars. But fortunately enough, you didn’t break me completely.

I still was able to find the strength to pick myself up from the hole that you left me in. I have now learned to never give my love to people who aren’t deserving of it; to people who don’t try hard to earn my love.

I’ve learned that I shouldn’t really be so willing to love people on initial impressions alone. I’m not going to deny that I was absolutely smitten by you. I allowed you to just consume my entire universe. I remember the many ways that you made me feel when we were first starting out.

But at the end of the day, the charm just wasn’t enough for me to be willing to stay in it. You were always so cruel to me. You always argued with me so senselessly just so I would feel bad. I now know that you should never be too trusting of first impressions. I now know that I shouldn’t be so eager to rush into everything.

The last time I would ever recklessly dive into anything was with you. And I’m never going to do that with anyone ever again. The trauma from that experience was enough to teach me a valuable lesson.

It was because of you that I learned what a relationship should really be like. Sure. I spent oh so many nights just crying myself to sleep when you decided to break up with me.

But during all those late nights of me just tossing and turning, I was able to learn that I was just fooling myself thinking that you were actually good to me. I was being stupid thinking that I was missing out on a chance to be in a relationship with you. It took me quite a while before I realized that I wasn’t missing out at all. I dodged a bullet the moment that you left me.

You were the type of person who forced me to give up all of my standards and expectations. You were never really interested in meeting my needs. And I was such a willing puppet.

I just allowed you to treat me that way. I just allowed you to abuse me and manipulate me. I allowed you to just deprive me of the relationship that I was truly deserving of. And I was so stupid to allow you to treat me that way for so long.

You were everything that was wrong in a partner. I’m never going to allow myself to get with anyone like you ever again. I’m never going to allow myself to fall in love with someone like you who would be so willing to discard me at the first opportunity.

It was because of you that I learned to never allow myself to be selfless for a selfish person. I learned that I should never really give love to someone who wouldn’t be willing to give me the same thing in return.

You were just trapping me and I should have seen it from the start. But I’m better now. I’m much smarter. I’m much wiser. I know that I am never going to be mistreated ever again because you did enough of that already.

So yes. You might have broken my heart. But I am truly thankful for it.

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