You Need To Read This If You Feel Like You’re Too Broken To Fall In Love Again

Heartbreak may be a natural aspect of everyday life, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is equipped to handle it when they have to go through it.

Heartbreak may be a natural aspect of everyday life, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is equipped to handle it when they have to go through it. You may be feeling like your whole world is ending. Your voice may be cracking and your hands might be shaking as you struggle to make sense of everything that is going on. You are grasping at anything you can grab hold of to give you a sense of stability and safety. You are slipping but you’re desperately trying to hold on. It’s really painful to go through what you’re going through right now. And even the people you love; the people you reach out to for help and support; their hearts are breaking for you as well. They are also in pain as they see you struggling with your pain. They hurt as they see you feeling the hurt in your life as well. And it’s because your pain is so real; is so genuine, that somehow, one’s heart can’t help but break once they see you in the state that you’re in. You look like you’re a complete mess and you feel like your whole life will never be back to how it once was. You are scared because you don’t know what kind of life lies ahead of you. You feel so alone and isolated even when you are surrounded by so many people who love you and who want to take care of you – you know that it’s just different. There’s a sinking feeling in your chest that you can’t seem to get rid of. There’s a nagging headache at the back of your mind that just refuses to be ignored. You are really broken on the inside but you so desperately want to fix yourself again.

A lot of people might want to try to comfort you and help put you back together; but they can’t seem to find the right words to say to you. Or perhaps they know that there is absolutely nothing they can say right now to put you in a better mood. They know that there is nothing that they can do to help speed the healing process along. They can only watch you suffer and heal at your own pace. And it kills them to know that they are just as helpless as you are. They might try, though. They might tell you that “everything is going to turn out fine.” even though they know that that isn’t necessarily what you want to be hearing at this point. You can’t blame them for saying so. It’s all they can think of to say to you even though it’s practically ineffective. You know that they’re telling the truth too. You know that everything is going to turn out fine eventually. You just don’t know how long it’s going to take or what you have to do in order for you to be okay again. But you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss their words of encouragement. Believe in it. You really are going to turn out just fine.

You knew this was the case the moment that you got your heart broken. You knew that you were going to turn out fine. You got your heart broken – but you also know that broken hearts can eventually heal. You might have been at your absolute weakest but you also knew that you had the strength within you to just persevere. You knew that you had what it takes to take all the parts of you that were broken and make it whole again. You just didn’t know how long it was going to take you. You didn’t know what you were going to have to go through. And you mist still be feeling lost right now. And that’s okay. Just make sure you try to keep everything in perspective as much as possible.

You might not want to hear this right now but the opportunity to fall in love is never lost no matter how many times you might have been broken. You might be feeling traumatized right now. You might feel like love is never going to come for you ever again – but that’s only because the wounds are still fresh and the pain is still present. You can still find love again. You HAVE to believe that you are going to find love again. Don’t let the pain of your past deprive you of the beauties of falling in love for real. Just take your time and make sure that you focus on yourself until you’re ready again. But don’t be afraid to put yourself out there once more when the time is right. Love is always something that you should never lose hope in – no matter how dire things may seem.

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