You Pushed Away The Woman Who Only Wanted To Love You And Now She’s Lost Forever

All she ever wanted was to be by your side. All she ever wanted was to be with you for the rest of time. All she ever wanted was to hold your hand and give you strength as you faced the world together.

But you just decided to push her away in spite of her best efforts. Didn’t you know just how good you had it with her? Did you not realize how lucky you were to have a woman like her? Were you not aware of how amazing a woman she was?

Maybe you were. Maybe you know that she was great but still, you might have thought that she wasn’t good enough. Maybe you thought that you could do better even when she was already giving you her best.

And that’s why you decided to just mess it all up. If you hadn’t let her go, then she would probably still be standing right by your side. If you hadn’t pushed her away, then she would still be with you.

She would still be trying to love you with all of her heart because that’s really the only way she knows how to love. If you had not taken her for granted, she would be showering you with all of the love and kindness that she could give.

She is the kind of girl who only ever really comes around just once in a lifetime. She’s the kind of girl who truly is one of a kind.

There is no other woman like her and you were just too stubborn and blind to see it. She was a girl who practically gave you everything she had. She poured her heart and soul out to you and you left her hanging out to dry.

You never really acknowledged all of the great and wonderful things that she was willing to do for you. You never reciprocated any of the efforts that she made for you.

You never really made her feel like anything that she was doing would be good enough for you. And that’s what hurt her a lot. That’s really what really drove her away.

She wanted nothing more than to get closer to you but you always made sure to keep your distance. You were always shoving her back. For every step that she took to get closer to you, you pushed her two steps back.

Do you not realize just how much this woman actually did for you? Do you not see how much you’ve lost when you decided to push her away? You should understand right now that you are never going to meet any other girl like her ever again.

You are never going to find a woman who is going to love you the way that she did. You are never going to meet someone who would be willing to give to you just as much as she was willing to.

You are never going to encounter that same kind of generosity, mindfulness, kindness, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and gentleness ever again. When you pushed her away, you might have thought that you would eventually end up with someone better. But you didn’t. And you want it.

She was the best you could ever have and you ended up shoving her to the side. You may not realize it now but you will. You are going to come to regret ever setting her aside because you will discover that you are probably never going to have a chance to get with a girl like that ever again.

You will learn that you probably should have given her more of your time because you aren’t going to find someone who will be more deserving of it in the future.

She was a woman who was really willing to tough things out with you. She was a woman who was looking to stay with you for the rest of your lives. She was a girl who was really interested in just being with you until the very end of your days.

But you wouldn’t let her. She was so ready to plan out the lives that you would lead as a couple. She was so desperate to have a future at your side. You may have had your fair share of problems but she was still resilient. She was still hopeful and she was still willing to endure.

She was still willing to go through various lengths just to have a shot with you. And you chose to overlook all of that. You just broke her heart and now she’s lost to you forever.

In the end, she’s not the one who is missing out. She might have wanted to be with you forever but she isn’t the one who will be regretting it when it’s all said and done. It’s you.

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