It’s good that you’re making yourself vulnerable for the sake of love. It’s great that you’re really putting yourself out there; that you’re taking risks and chances with the people that you date. It’s also good that you are so incredibly patient with the people who wrong you; with the men who don’t treat you the way that you deserve to be treated. You always like to believe in the good of people; to always seek out their potential. However, it also gets to the point where what you’re doing is self-harm. When you know that a situation is hopeless; when you realize that there’s not much else you can do for the situation,

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you just need to be able to walk away from all of that. If a man truly just isn’t into you, then you can’t force the issue. You need to drop it for the sake of your dignity. Yes, you shouldn’t be so quick to give up on your relationships. You shouldn’t be so eager to just walk away when things get tough. You must always be willing to exert a lot of effort and commitment if you want to make a relationship work. And that’s exactly what you’ve done. So there should be no shame on your part. And if you find that he’s just not exerting as much effort as you are, then you know that it’s not really a relationship that’s worth fighting for at this point.

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He’s not a guy worth being with at all. You deserve to be with a man who is going to give just as much as he gets in the relationship. He should be willing to match your efforts to the best of his abilities. If he just doesn’t seem invested, then you know that you have to worry. You really deserve to be with a man who is going to treat you the way that you’ve always dreamed of being treated in a relationship. And you’re never going to find that man unless you muster up the strength to actually walk away from this sad excuse of a relationship that you’re in now.

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You don’t want to be depriving yourself of the opportunity to be with the guy you’re really meant to be with. You don’t want to be shutting yourself off from the prospect of finding true love in your life just because you’re too scared to walk away from the relationship that you’re in now. You can’t bring yourself to latch on to the love that you deserve if you continue to stay attached to the man who isn’t treating you right. And you’re just exerting too much wasted energy. Admit it. You feel drained. You are carrying the entire weight of this relationship on your own; and it’s slowly killing you.

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You are putting so much effort into sustaining the relationship because you know that you need to compensate for the lack of effort on the part of your man. We all have very limited time and energy in this life; there’s no point in wasting it all on someone who just isn’t worth it. And if you want to treat this relationship as a learning experience, then know that you’ve already learned as much as you could from it. It really gets to a point where the experience just becomes counterproductive. You want to believe that you can still experiment and try new things to make everything work. But at the end of the day, when a relationship isn’t meant to be;

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it’s just not meant to be. And you can’t force things anymore. You can’t keep on making excuses. You can’t keep on thinking that there’s still something you can do to alter the course of your failed relationship. And you need to believe in yourself more. Don’t think that if you miss out on this relationship, you’re going to end up throwing away your only chance at love. First of all, you ALWAYS have a chance to find true love in life. And second, this isn’t love anyway. It’s not something that’s worth holding on to. It’s not something that you should be trying so hard to stay in.

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You have to believe that you would be much happier on your own than you are right now in this pseudo-relationship. You shouldn’t be afraid of being single; because you can always rely on falling in love with yourself. But being in this relationship, you’re never going to receive love from the man you expect to receive it from. You don’t want anything that is half-assed. You don’t want anything that’s half-baked; most especially not love. When you fall in love, you want it to be for real. You want the kind of love that’s really built to last; the kind of love that can take you all the way. Otherwise, you don’t want any part of it.

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