You should love the girl who’s broken inside

They are the broken girls. They are the ladies who have seen the harsh realities that life has to offer them and they respond with a smile.

A person’s life is always going to be made up of a collection of different significant points on a long plane. We are exposed to so many different things as we go about our lives and our character is tested constantly by whatever the environment chooses to present to us. We are sometimes caught in the perpetual battle of making moments in our lives and having moments shape us in return.

But whatever the case, what’s most important in life isn’t necessarily how you stand strong during the easy times. It’s how you get back up whenever you get knocked down. It’s how you retaliate whenever you’re reeling from a devastating blow. It’s how you bluff your way out of trouble when you’re dealt a crappy hand. It’s how you are able to take the hardships in life and how you learn from your mistakes. It’s how you use these lessons to grow into a better and stronger human being.

There’s this common saying about people who have the darkest demons and the biggest holes in their lives are the ones who smile the brightest. They are the ones who know just how valuable life can be and how happiness is fleeting and how it should never be taken for granted. These are the people who don’t let their setbacks define them. These are the kinds of people who push forward and find the beauty in life despite everything bad that happens to them. They are the ones who see the world through the clearest lenses. They don’t tend to take things lightly because they are used to bearing heavy weights on a daily basis.

They are the broken girls. They are the ladies who have seen the harsh realities that life has to offer them and they respond with a smile.

This is the kind of girl you should want to date. You should always want to date someone who is damaged because you know that she knows how to heal herself. This is the kind of girl who has been put through the ringer. She’s been shredded up but still she has managed to put herself back together. She has been pushed and knocked over too many times but she builds herself back to become who she’s meant to be. She still maintains a healthy optimism about her life because she trusts in her abilities to help her overcome anything. She still believes in the beautiful things that life can offer. She still believes in things like faith, hope, love, and passion. She still believes in trust even though trust has failed her so many times in the past.

You should always want to date a broken and damaged girl because you know just how strong she is. In fact, she is the living manifestation of ultimate strength. She is the kind of girl who will not sweep her problems under a rug. She isn’t the kind of woman who would turn to other people to do her bidding for her. She is very much willing to face her challenges. She can take a strong punch and she’ll come back with a swing of her own. She knows that life won’t always play fair but she’s still going to hold her head high in the process. She knows that temporary suffering is sometimes necessary on the path to eternal happiness. 

You should date the damaged girl because she has seen just how cruel life can be. Nothing is going to faze her. Nothing is going to surprise her anymore. There are many gaping holes in her character. Sure, she’s flawed. But she’s always working at fixing herself. She is always trying her absolute best to become a better person because she knows that life isn’t made for the weak. She is going to be adaptable and she is going to be responsive all the time. She will not cower or crumble under the pressure. She will stumble a few times along the way, but she will always know how to pick herself up regardless of whether you help her or not. 

But the best thing about dating a damaged girl who has seen the worst in life is that she sees the best of the universe. She has seen the ugly face of a destructive world, and that’s why she has a greater appreciation for the beauty of humanity and of nature. She has a deeper sense of gratitude for the times of peace, happiness, and serenity. She will have a more profound appreciation for whatever love you have to give her because love rarely comes her way at all. She has lots of love inside of her that she’s willing to give, it’s just that she tends to be guarded because of all the times she’s been hurt in the past. But once you gain the trust of a broken girl, you’ll see just how precious and pure her heart is going to be. And you’re not going to regret it. 

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