You Shouldn’t Have To Fight So Hard For The Person Who Doesn’t Want To Stay

If they want to leave, let them.

They don’t want to stay. They want to leave. And it’s likely that they won’t even have the courtesy to prepare you for the abandonment. They won’t even want to tell you about it. They will walk out of that door without saying anything to you. Or perhaps they do let you know about it, but by then, it will have been too late. And you’re practically feeling abandoned already at that point. 

They’re not going to stay in your life even though they told you in the past that they would never ever leave you. They’re not going to stay in your life even though they told you that they would always make sure that you would never have to feel alone in this world. They’re not going to stay in your life even though they always led you to believe that they would. 

It sucks. But that’s the sad reality of the situation: people leave. And when they do, it’s important that you make it a point to never chase after them. It’s important that you detach yourself from them and from the entire narrative completely. It’s important that you hold on to your pride and your dignity. It’s important that you maintain some sense of self-respect. It’s important that you never hold yourself prisoner to the abandonment of a person who isn’t deserving of your attention in the first place.

If a person doesn’t want to stay, then you should just let them go. There’s no point in trying to fight to keep them to stay with you anymore. You are never going to convince a person of your worth if they’ve already decided to check out. If they’re not interested in you anymore to the point where they don’t want to stay, then there’s not much you can do at this point. You just have to be able to suck up the hurt and let them go. And also keep in mind that at this point, if you’re trying too hard to make them see your worth even though they’re practically gone, then it’s likely that you don’t see your own worth either. You think so little of yourself.

You shouldn’t have to force yourself to keep fighting for the person who wants nothing to do with you. There is no amount of groveling and begging that could possible compel them to stay with you if they don’t want to. The more you grovel, the smaller a person you become in their eyes. The more you beg, the more that you pride and sense of self-worth diminishes. Respect yourself. Hold on to your pride and don’t succumb to being the needy one in the failed relationship. Detach yourself from this person. Let go of that failed love.

Keep in mind that the fact that they left you behind the way that they did tells a lot more about who they are than it does about who you are. You have to be mature enough to understand that love is an inherently beautiful but also flawed concept. It’s such a complex state of being between two people that it would be foolish for you to try to make sense of it all even when greater minds of the past have failed to do so themselves. It doesn’t matter how much you can love a person it’s still not a guarantee that things are going to work for you. It’s still not a guarantee that they’re going to stay with you forever. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into the relationship. It doesn’t matter how committed you are to your love. If things don’t work out, they don’t work out. And that’s that. But the most unfortunate truth of it all is that sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense. You don’t understand how they couldn’t want to just stay with you but you’re just going to have to be content with not understanding.

It can get really exhausting and overwhelming when you try to piece everything together. Remember that you don’t have all of the pieces, and it’s futile for you to keep on trying to solve this puzzle when you don’t have all of the parts that you need. You have to stop blaming yourself. You have to stop looking and thinking about the parts where you could have done better. You have to be confident in the fact that you were pure with your intentions and that you were always genuine with your affection. And if that wasn’t good enough for them, then that shouldn’t really be your problem anymore.

If a person doesn’t want to stick around for you, then you shouldn’t have to stick around for them either. Let go. Move on. Pursue the love that you know is right for you the kind of love that would never leave.

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