You Still Win Even If You’re The One Who Got Left Behind

Even though he was always lying to you every chance he got, you were still honest and true. You always remained open and transparent. And that’s why you still win. You kept things real. You were always about keeping it real. You stayed true to how you felt. You always spoke your mind. You always meant whatever came out of your mouth.

You tried to stay as sensitive and as empathetic as possible. But your actions were always sincere and genuine. You never wanted to be fake to anyone – most especially, not to him. You never took him for granted. You always stayed mindful of his feelings even though he never really did the same for you.

You were never afraid of the truth. And most importantly, you stayed true to who you were. You kept yourself together and that’s why you still win. That’s why he’s the one who lost. He’s the one who is missing out.

Even though he took you for granted for all of your relationships, you were always true to your kind self. You always treated him with utmost love and affection. You were always so considerate of his needs. You were always so generous with your time and energy. You were always so caring with him.

You were willing to give him whatever he needed from you. You were always willing to let your love pour forth. You had so much love inside of you and you were always willing to let him be the recipient of that love. You never really thought twice about it either. You never held back. You loved him with all of your heart even when he was so willing to just throw it all away.

Even though he ended up picking someone else over you, you are still the winner here. You are the one who did everything to make it work between the two of you. You are the one who tried your best to keep him happy. You were the one who loved him with all of your heart.

You are the one who actually chose to give the relationship everything that you had. You carried the load for two people. You are the one who invested all of yourself. You are the one who was doing all of the right things. That’s why you shouldn’t have any regrets. You did what you were exactly supposed to do. You never allowed yourself to feel entitled. You worked hard for that love. You never felt like he would just give it to you on a silver platter.

You gave it everything you had and it’s that kind of energy that the universe will always reward. You gave love in ways that most people don’t know how to do. And even though he’s the one who left you, you are the one who gets to hold your head up high. You are the one who gets to be proud of how you conducted yourself. You are the one who is deserving of good karma.

He might have seen you as a temporary facet of his life. He might have seen you as someone he can just choose to overlook or discard whenever he wants. He might have seen you as someone he could just play around with whenever he felt like it. But you know deep down in your heart that you’re worth so much more than that.

You know that you aren’t the type of person who would ever play games with another person’s feelings. You know that you aren’t someone who would be okay with manipulating others just to get what you want. You know that you aren’t the type of individual who would be okay with toying with another person’s heart. You have always been honest and you’re always going to be honest because that’s just the way that you’re wired.

You were always so willing to be vulnerable towards him. You always wanted him to know how you felt. You wore your heart on your sleeve. You showed him all of your cards. You never made an effort to conceal who you really were. And he never made you feel like you were good enough. But that’s okay.

Because in the deepest parts of your heart, you know that you were good enough. You gave it your all and you have nothing to be sorry about.

So even though he ended up leaving you, that’s not a loss in your book. It’s a loss in his. He’s the one who left a perfectly amazing woman behind. He’s the one who missed out on an opportunity to spend the rest of his life with a girl who would love him in ways that no one else ever would. He’s the one who lost because he doesn’t have you.

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