You Were Too Busy For Her And That’s Why She Left You

She went through hell and back for you. She might have even broken her back for you. She went through a whole lot of suffering and a whole lot of pain. She went through so much disappointment, despair, and woe.

There was a long stretch in her life wherein sorrow was the only thing she knew – and it was all because of you and how you treated her. Or rather, your lack of any care or concern for her. It’s not that you treated her badly.

It’s just that you didn’t treat her in any way at all. You didn’t really make her feel like she even made a dent in your life. You never made her feel like she was someone who you ever considered important or valuable.

She was doing everything in her power to be noticed by you. She would have done anything for even the least bit of attention. Her soul was practically screaming for you to notice her somehow.

But it never really concerned you. You were never really bothered to think about how she was feeling. You never felt it necessary to give her the time of day.

You never really made her feel like she’s someone you would have ever really taken seriously. She tried so hard to reach out to you but you were just plain unavailable to her.

And that’s why she just decided to stay quiet. She decided to stop giving all of that effort. She thought to herself that perhaps you would notice her if she excused herself from your life somehow.

She thought that maybe her absence would make you realize just how big of a void she was capable of filling in your life. But it didn’t really work. She tried to give it some time but you just didn’t budge.

Her plan was a failure and she knew that she needed to move on. She was hoping that the threat of losing her would actually open your eyes to just how valuable a woman like her can be in your life.

But not even that would be enough. You just failed to see everything that she was giving you; that she was doing for you. You never made her feel like you were grateful for any of her efforts. And that’s exactly why she left you. That is also why you are probably never going to get her back.

If only you had opened your eyes sooner. If only you could have given her even the slightest of efforts. If only you could have shown her even the faintest of gratitude. That would have meant the world to her.

That would have been enough for her to stay and just keep loving you. But you didn’t do any of that. You were indifferent towards her. You practically acted as if her existence didn’t really have any effect on your life.

You ignored her to the point of sapping all the energy out of her and you made this strong woman so incredibly weak in the knees. She tried her best to stand up for you and your relationship.

But she couldn’t support the weight of your cold heart. You just never warmed yourself up to her. You never tried to make her feel your affections and admirations. You never adored her the way that she wanted to be adored.

You never acknowledged the profound influence that she was having on your life. You just chose to overlook practically everything that this girl was to you. And so, you lost her in the process.

You let her slip from your grasp. This was a woman who was ready to love you to all the ends of the earth. This was a woman who was ready to defend you against any kind of enemy. This was a woman who was ready to hold your hand during the most difficult and trying times of your life.

This was a woman who was ready to support you in whatever passion or endeavor you choose to pursue. And most importantly, this was a woman who was ready to love you the way that love should always be – unconditionally and wholeheartedly. She was ready to do all of that for you.

But you never gave her the go-signal to do so. You never made an effort to make her feel safe and secure in your love. You never did anything to make her feel like you were worth sticking things out for. You never did anything to make her feel like she could always count on you to deliver.

You dropped the ball. You let her get away. You’ve lost her. She has left you behind and she’s moving forward. She loved you once but now, she isn’t looking back.

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