You Will Never See A Strong Woman Beg For Your Attention

This is a typically common scenario that a fair amount of women are likely to find themselves in with a man at least once in their lives:

She meets someone and she actually develops a certain interest in him. She sees that he’s someone who she can really sink her teeth into. She sees that he’s the kind of guy that she can really rely on.

And for the most part, it also seems like he’s interested in her as well. So they decide to go on a few dates and the sparks are just going off like crazy.

There are some serious fireworks there and that really excites her. She becomes more and more attached to him because of how well everything is going.

She feels like this might be the guy she ends up spending the rest of her life with. She feels like this might be the guy she can start building her future family with. She feels like she might have just met the true love of her life.

But then, almost as if she were punched in the gut by surprise, he bounces. He realizes that she was getting a little too chummy and serious with him.

He discovers that she wants so much more than he is capable of providing her. He realizes that she is looking way too far down the line and he’s still stuck in the present.

And that’s why he decides to leave her and the relationship. She is now left with nothing else to show for her failed romance but a broken heart. It was as if the strongest connection she had ever known in the world was now terminated – and there is nothing left to hold on to.

She then tries to think about where things might have gone wrong. She wonders about what she could have done better to try and save the relationship. She secretly hopes in the bottom of her heart that he’s eventually going to change his mind and come back to her.

She’s still holding on to the faintest possibility that maybe he will realize how wrong he was for leaving her and that he will come back with a bouquet of roses and a letter of apology.

She is going to dream up all of these unrealistic hopes and hypothetical scenarios in her head just so she can distract herself from confronting the real truth: he’s not coming back and he was never really in love with her, to begin with.

Okay. This might not necessarily happen to ALL women. But you get the point, right? It happens. There are plenty of times wherein you will try to put yourself out there.

You open yourself up and you let this other person come into your life. You try to make yourself vulnerable to this individual. You want to make sure that they feel comfortable with you.

But then, they don’t really respond in the way that you expected them to. The moment you decided to let your guard down is the moment that they decided it was time to bounce. And that’s a huge letdown for anyone.

And it’s perfectly normal to be angry in that situation. It’s fine to be upset. No one would blame you for feeling all sorts of frustration, irritation, regret, and disappointment whenever you are stuck in a situation like that.

But it also has to get to a point wherein you need to let all of that go. And don’t think of it as just letting him off the hook. Yes, you want him to pay for putting you through all of that.

But at the end of the day, if he left, then he’s a guy who definitely isn’t worthy of your attention at all. He isn’t worth crying over. He isn’t worth obsessing over.

And he’s definitely not worth any of your efforts. So, keep in mind whenever you are thinking about vengeance and vendettas, he isn’t a man who is worthy of your energy. You gave him all you had and he didn’t want any of it. Why should you still be giving him more?

Be strong. Stop it with the nonsense. You don’t need him to be happy. You don’t need him to find meaning and fulfillment in your life. You don’t need him to actually feel like your life is one that is worth living.

You are a strong woman who is capable of doing all of those things on your own. You don’t need him to be strong. You don’t need him to be successful. A strong woman would never beg for a man’s attention. And you definitely shouldn’t be begging for the attention of a guy who wasn’t smart enough to see your worth.

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