You Will Regret Not Marrying This Girl

You practically had your whole life just planned out to a tee. You were so ready to face the things that tomorrow would bring because you had prepared for everything. You could visualize it. You could already see it in your mind. You knew that she was a beautiful, kind, and loving girl who would give you everything that she could possibly give.

It was the kind of romance that novelists write about in their love stories. It was the kind of love affair that could inspire Hollywood blockbuster romantic movies. It was all just so perfect and beautiful between the two of you. If any couple could see what the two of you had together, it would be hard for them to imagine how you could get anything better.

But in spite of how great you had it with her, you just chose to discard it all. You just blatantly threw it all down the drain. You threw it all away. You let it all go down the drain. And even though you’re fine with that decision right now, you’re not going to be too happy with what you’ve done a few years down the line. Eventually, you will realize that this is the biggest mistake you have ever made in your life.

This could have been the girl who could have taken care of you for the rest of your life. This is the girl who could have added a lot of sunshine, brightness, and rainbows to your days. This is the girl who could have provided for your emotional and physical needs. This is the girl who you let slip away. This is the girl you will regret not marrying. This is the girl you will regret not building the rest of your life with.

You just really chose to throw it all away. You already had this girl within your grasp. You had her within reach. You had a life full of happiness and love within reach. But you gave up. You dropped the ball. You missed the boat. And you’re just going to forever have to cope with that decision that you’ve made. You’re just going to have to deal with the fact that you let this girl get away from you even though you already had her.

She was everything you could have possibly ever wanted in a woman. But you still think that you deserved me. You still thought that she wasn’t enough for you and that you needed more. You believed that she was holding you back somehow from the life of happiness that you truly deserved. You thought that dumping her would result in you getting bigger and better things in life.

And you might not know right now that you were wrong to think that way. But down the line, you’ll figure it out. You’ll discover just how wrong it was for you to let this lady go. You didn’t let this girl go in exchange for a better and more exciting future. You traded this girl in for an empty life and you’re going to have to live with that.

And once you realize just how badly you messed this all up, then that’s when you’re going to start to appreciate everything that this girl was to you. When you realize just how wrong you had it, then that’s when you’re going to value everything that this woman did for you. She gave you all of the love that she possibly had to give. She gave you so much compassion, understanding, and patience. She gave you whatever you wanted but it wasn’t enough for you.

But what did you give her in return? Nothing. Nothing but a broken heart. You were just too focused on your own personal needs. You were to engrossed in all of your selfish desires that you failed to see the beauty of this amazing human being that was standing right in front of you. And it’s because you took her for granted that you ended up letting her go. And that’s something that you’re never going to get over. That’s a mistake that you’re never going to get back.

This woman did everything that she could possibly do for you. Even if it was the best of times or the worst of times, she was always there for you. She always made it a point to make sure that you knew that you had someone at your side. She never wanted you to feel like you had to face this world alone. She never wanted you to feel like you didn’t have someone to rely on.

But that didn’t matter to you, did it? Well. Own up to your decision. Accept the fact that she’s never coming back to you no matter how much you want her to. She’s never going back to being your girl ever again.

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