You Would Never Have To Experience These 11 Things With A Good Man

A good man is hard to find, right? That’s most certainly the case. And the moment that you find out that you’re in a relationship with a guy who is just outright terrible, you need to cut yourself loose from that situation entirely. You deserve to be in a relationship with a good man who will treat you right; a good man who is going to love you the way that you deserve to be loved. It’s important to note that the perfect man just doesn’t exist in this universe.

And it would be completely unreasonable and immature for you to think that you are deserving of a perfect man who is never going to make mistakes. Get that thought out of your head right this instant. You deserve a great man, but you should always allow some room for error. He is only going to be human after all. But it also gets to a point wherein you can only tolerate so much. You want to make sure that the guy you’re with is a good one who tries his best to be as great a boyfriend to you as possible.

If he’s a constant screw-up, you shouldn’t have to put up with that. Here are 11 things that you should never have to experience in a relationship with a good man:

1. You start to question just how loyal and committed he is to you.

He is never going to do anything to make you doubt just how loyal and committed he is to you and the relationship. He will never lead you to believe that he would leave you for the next girl who gives him the least bit of attention.

2. He makes you feel judged and criticized all of the time.

He really feeds into your insecurities by being overly critical over every little thing that you might do in life. He is always judging you and making you feel bad about something. He wants to destroy your sense of self-worth so that you are tricked into thinking that you need him in your life.


3. You feel insecure because he keeps comparing you to ex-girlfriends.

It’s his passive-aggressive way of letting you feel that you’re not good enough for him. He wants you to think that you constantly need to be trying harder because you’re just not doing enough to make him happy.

4. He chooses his friends over you a lot.

A good man is someone who knows how to balance his time well – particularly the time that he allots for his social life. He shouldn’t be spending ALL of his time with you alone. But he shouldn’t be spending a huge bulk of his time with other people either. It’s all about balance.

5. You find yourself questioning how serious he is because he doesn’t talk about the future.

He doesn’t talk to you about the future at all because it’s either the future scares him or he’s not serious about you. Either way, these aren’t good signs at all.

6. You always have to remind him to clean up after himself.

It’s like you’re in a relationship with a toddler at this point with the way that you keep reminding him to clean up after himself. And it’s even worse if he doesn’t listen to you and you end up having to clean up after him instead. That’s a situation you should just excuse yourself from.

7. You feel bad because he keeps banning you from hanging out with your friends.

He wants to be the center of your universe. And that’s the mark of an insecure and needy man; not a good one.

8. He forces you to spend all of your time on him.

You shouldn’t be spending ALL of your time on him. You have a life. There are other things in this world that require your attention. And if he just can’t understand that, then he’s not good enough for you.

9. He keeps disappointing you with broken promises and false hopes.

A good man is always going to consider his word to be his bond. He is never going to deliberately promise you something without having any intentions of following through. He is always going to try his best to keep his word to you because he wants you to trust him.

10. He picks fights with you just to piss you off for no reason.

He just wants to get you all riled up. He is bored and his idea of fun is stirring up drama in your relationship out of nothing. It’s incredibly petty and immature; and it’s something a good man would never do.

11. He walks away from arguments.

A real good man is one who is never going to walk out on you in the middle of an argument. A good man is someone who is mature enough to actually discuss whatever things need to be discussed with you – no matter how uncomfortable these things might be.

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