Young Mother of Four goes Viral on TikTok after Showcasing her £180 Clip-in Veneers, which Made her Look like a Horse

Recently, a UK-based woman went viral on TikTok after getting veneers that made her look like a horse.

23-year-old Lauren Hartley lives in Manchester and paid £180 for clip-in veneers to fix her smile.

However, when her false teeth arrive and Lauren tried them on, she was shocked to see herself resembling a horse.

Hartley made a video of herself wearing her false teeth and decided to upload it on TikTok. The video went viral and received more than three million views, along with 200K likes and 4K comments.

“£180 to look like a f***ing horse, can’t even speak with the c***s in,” she said in her TikTok video clip.

“They keep clicking on my teeth, can you hear them?” she asked from her 17000 followers.

Many people in the comment section matched the vibe of her video clip and started joking about her look, which resembled a horse.

“Who’s horse is that,” one TikToker user joked.

“What time you racing love,” commented another.

“Lol the mask with Jim Carey oh no,” another wrote. 

“I want these but not if they like that oh that’s really bad bbe I’m soo sorry xxx,” said someone else. 

A fellow TikToker commented that the company she ordered her clip-in veneers from is cheap, and he had a similar experience shopping with them.

“Need That Smile are cheap as hell! Pay the £400+ from other companies as there’s a reason these are £180.. trust me I made the same mistake.”

Meanwhile, some users wrote that for £180, she should have seen that coming.

“For £180 what did you expect??”

“Mum is laughing at this she thinks it’s so funny… Do you have to wind them up before a meal?”

According to Lauren, she bought her teeth from Need To Smile on a discount offer, and they claimed to give a natural smile. Little did she know that she’d end up looking hilarious.

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Sources: TikTok

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