Your World Doesn’t End Just Because One Relationship Did

Just know that eventually, you’re going to be okay because you just decided to be. Just know that things are going to get better. 

You are currently at a phase in your lifewherein you feel like the walls are crumbling all around you. You think thathalf of your entire being has just been abruptly ripped off and you’re not entirelysure how you’re going to keep going. You don’t know how to go back to livingthat normal life because you’ve forgotten what that is like. You have gotten soused to coasting through your days with your Significant Other by your sidethat you’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to live on your own. You’realso in a state of partial denial. You understand that you’re in reality andyet you still maintain the hope that you’re still stuck in a dream from whichyou have yet to wake up. You feel like you’ve been suspended in a gravitationalforce field and you’re just floating in air without a purpose or control.

That’s okay. What you’re going through isperfectly normal. In fact, these are necessary emotions that you have to befeeling. These are necessary thoughts that you have to reflect upon. You needto go through this difficult stage of your life in order for you to emergestronger and better. So just go on and keep doing your thing. Don’t worry aboutwhat other people might be saying or what they might be thinking. Go ahead andlisten to all your music about heartbreak. Go ahead and watch all those sappyromance movies on Netflix. Immerse yourself in this fantasy world for themeantime. Take a break from reality. Escape from the world that hasn’t beenkind to you. Act as if the world just ended and that life is no longer a viableoption. That’s how you are feeling right now and you should always stay true tothose feelings.

There are plenty of factors that go intodetermining how long you will probably feeling down and in a rut. It all variesfrom relationship to relationship. It’s a different case every single time.Some relationships are easier to move on from others, and others are justseemingly impossible to get over. It’s particularly hard for people who areoverly emotional. You may be the type of person who was so invested in yourrelationship. You might be the type of person who just cared too much about theunion. Maybe the wounds that were left on your heart are just too big. Maybeyou’re going to drown in your own pains and sorrows. Perhaps there is just norecovering from where you are right now. Maybe you’re stuck and you just haveto be content with living in that dark hole for the rest of your life.

Or maybe that isn’t the case at all.

For now, you have to understand that yourfeelings are legitimate. The weight of your emotions is real. You have tounderstand that what you are going through is completely normal. Know that youare experiencing a legitimate human ordeal and that plenty of other people havegotten over that hump too. It may feel like there’s just no getting up fromthat fall that you took but you have to persist in your sense of idealism. Youhave to be able to believe that you can still go back to a life of love and happinessas difficult as it may seem. You just have to keep telling yourself that youare still willing to fight through the adversities of life. Know that plenty ofpeople have been where you are right now and they lived to tell the tale. Knowthat you are no different from these people. They were just as flawed and asvulnerable as you are. There is no reason that you cannot possibly emerge fromthis ordeal as a stronger human being.

There is a clich that goes life is a bookand that holds true with you at this moment. Just comfort yourself in the factthat you are living a novel except that it’s not a work of fiction. This isactual real life. Know that whatever you are going through now is but a merechapter of the novel. It doesn’t always have to be the end. There is still achance for redemption. There is still the opportunity of salvation. You alwayshave to open yourself up to a future of bright lights and happiness. You haveto understand that the rest of your story has yet to be written and that youhave complete control of when you want to start turning the page. You get tochoose when a chapter in your life ends and when another begins. It doesn’thave to be right away.

It doesn’t always have to be immediate. You don’t haveto rush into anything if you’re not ready. Just know that eventually, you’regoing to be okay because you just decided to be. Just know that things aregoing to get better. 

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