You’re Destroying Your Relationship And You Don’t Even Realize It

Please stop, before it’s too late!

There are few things in the world that are worse than throwing away a love that you didn’t deserve to keep in the first place. It’s a shame for anyone to take advantage of a person’s love in any capacity. We cannot simply afford to bypass any love that is granted to us.

Love is what makes life worth living; and without it, life would be bland and too difficult to bear. Love is beautiful and should never take a backseat to anything else in life. Love is the main attraction and it is worthy of all of our attention. Every single one of us will look for love in any capacity that we can. We accept the love we think that is worthy of us, and we try to make the most of it.

However, the sad reality is that some of us aren’t as sharp as others. Some of us will take love for granted and let it slip away. Some of us will not value love the way that it was meant to be valued. In the end, we end up losing the very things that we spent so much time chasing.

How do you end up destroying a love without even realizing it? It’s when you start being complacent. It’s when you start normalizing a relationship; even though your love is an extraordinary kind. It’s when you start thinking that you’ve found love and it’s virtually impossible for you to lose it. You were so wrong. You could never have been more wrong about anything. We know that you didn’t mean to do it. You didn’t intend to be insensitive and overly complacent.

It wasn’t your intention to be overconfident in your love; but you have no one else to blame but yourself really. The signs were there early on, and you just never managed to catch on. You were too engrossed in yourself to notice the subtle changes in the dynamics of your relationship. You stopped caring about how her feelings played out because you were too busy noticing your own.

You didn’t notice the subtle changes in her demeanor and the way she carried herself. You didn’t see her diminishing enthusiasm and the change of her character. You failed to comprehend that your relationship was being destroyed; and the destruction was brought about by your own hand.– Continue reading on the next page

It all started with the simple text messages that were never replied to. It started with all those missed phone calls that were never returned. It was starting to diminish when you began canceling on dates time and time again. Your relationship was failing when you started choosing a night out with your buddies instead of date nights with her.

Your relationship was in turmoil when you stopped doing random acts of love and kindness for her because you thought she would be okay with it. Your love started fading when you forgot to say thank you for those hundreds of times she had to pick up after you.

There was a time long ago where she was your entire world, and then eventually, she started to feel like she was barely a part of it. You used to be able to make her feel like you had eyes only for her, but then you barely even looked at her anymore.

You didn’t even notice all those times she got her hair done, or tried on a new shade of lipstick. It didn’t even occur to you that she was trying to dress up better so that you would notice her more. She was trying to keep your love alive by trying to make you fall in love with her all over again, but you didn’t even budge. You were oblivious to the fact that she felt like she was losing you, and that you were losing her in the process as well.

Then the day came where she couldn’t just handle it anymore. She was tired of living in a relationship of one-sided love. She craved to be on the receiving end of affection, after having been denied it for so long. She needed to operate in her own comfort; a life without you in it. And so now you find yourself without someone to share your world with.

You find yourself without someone whose eyes you can look into. You find yourself without someone calling and texting you to check up on you. For you, you think you lost everything at just the blink of an eye, but now you’re slowly realizing that it was your fault.

You failed as a partner and you have to own up to it. You let things die down because you refused to play your role. You were only thinking of yourself, and in the end, your selfishness drove themВ out of your sights without you even noticing it.

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