You’re Not A Real Couple Until You’ve Experienced These 12 Awkward Moments

1. When You’re Jealous Of Their Friends:

When you and your partner are walking along the street and you happen to run into one of your partner’s old friends from the past. And at that moment, you are able to somehow tell that the two of them have had some kind of history – whether romantic, sexual, or both. And you just can’t help but act jealous about it all afterward.

2. When You Think They Are Not Looking At You And You Do Something Silly:

You feel a big old booger that’s just lodged up your nose and you desperately want to take it out of there. You wait for the moment that your partner isn’t looking and you go ahead and you try to claw it out. You’ve somehow managed to do it undetected. But the moment you’re about to flick the booger away, your partner looks at you.

3. When You Think You Look Pretty And They Don’t Notice You:

You are getting ready to see your partner and you want to make sure that you look your absolute best. And so you spend so much time picking out the right outfit and putting on your makeup. You get all dolled up and you’re pretty confident about how you look. But then, when you see your partner, he says nothing and all of your hopes are seemingly crushed.

4. When You Don’t Really Feel As Humiliated As You Thought You Would:

When the two of you eat Mexican, Thai, Indian, or some other spicy cuisine for your date and then you immediately feel the effects in your stomach just a few hours after. And you can’t help but let one go and stink up the bedroom or the car that you’re in with your fart. It’s the price you have to pay for quality food but you don’t really feel as humiliated as you thought you would.

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