5 Unanswered Questions You Wish You Had The Chance To Ask Your Ex

SB Posted 2 years ago
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She was my childhood sweetheart and the love of my life, well, at least I thought so. We were madly in love with each other. We started dating when we were in the 6th grade and broke up when we were in college. I spent the whole day with you in school; I couldn’t have enough of you. We had planned a future with each other. Letting you go was the toughest decision I ever had to take. You were perfect for me in every way. I never felt aroused in your presence. You had such a calming affect over me, that’s how much I loved you. When I lost you, I lost my dreams, ambitions and my life. If felt like I lost a limb and that I might be paralyzed for life.

I still remember how it ended, it was horrible; I resented the fact that we ever met. I hated you every moment of the day; hate had completely consumed every feeling of love that resided within me. I was so fed up; it wasn’t just you, I wanted it to end as well. How could I possibly spend my whole life with a person who didn’t trust me? I couldn’t think of one possible reason to hold on, I was so furious at you for ruining the perfection we once shared. You used to be my better half, by the end of it, I didn’t want anything to do with you. You were the woman I wanted to marry and make my queen. I wrote songs for you.

We have no contact with each other now and I know it’s for the best. We are different people now and we have no reason to be with one another. We have both moved on with our lives, have found our soul mates and have different jobs. I would still like to know a few things, if we ever got a chance to talk again.

  1. Do you still miss me?

Do you miss the moments we shared and the sweet things we used to do for one another? Do you think of me when you hear that song? Does a cool breeze make you remember all those nights we spent lying under the stars?