8 things you shouldn't ever have to apologise for in a relationship

Yousra Nasir Posted 2 years ago
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Relationships are no walk in the park. It takes sincere intention, hard work, and compromises to sustain them. And whether or not you like it, there are going to be instances in your relationship when you shall have to make reparations for something or the other. But that does not mean that you owe your partner an apology for every assumed slight. Every now and then, you shall be faced with various things for which you would have to put your foot down, and, without pretense or reserve, have the courage of your convictions. So here are 8 things for which you should never be apologetic to your partner.

8. Your past

This is something I believe in rather strongly myself. Whether you are the very epitome of virtue and chastity, or whether you have had ten different lovers in the past, you should never have to apologise for what's in your past. This doesn't just hold true for sowing your wild oats. For that matter, if you were formerly given to substance abuse but have now turned your life around, you shouldn't allow someone to hold that against you in the present. We have all made mistakes in the past, hardly any of us are irreproachable, and having a partner manipulate you into feeling negatively about yourself for your background is not only very bad form, but also does not speak of them in a very positive light.