How to tell if a Guy Really means it When He Says he loves you

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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It is not easy to trust anyone these days and when a guy says those 3 words to a girl, “I love you”, it makes it even harder for the girl to trust or believe that guy. When she comes back from that “fairytale” she went into after hearing those 3 words, the first thing that hits her head is, whether he really meant what he said? “Does he REALLY love me?”

Saying “I love you” can mean a couple of things, the guy may really likes the girl and mean it, he was maybe forced into saying it, he wants her to fall for him and the primary reason for that could be that he is just trying to get in her pants. There is a bigger possibility for the latter one happening these days, but not every guy is the same.

So how to figure this all out and corroborate a guy’s claim that he really means it. It is basically all about his intentions, one has to look for the clues and signs he gives when he says those words. This article is that very elucidation you’re looking for to get out of this dilemma.

The first thing we need to clear is the reason behind the guy’s words. There can be two or more reasons for that but the 3 most possible scenarios are:

  1. Sex! He wants to get in bed with you and the one thing guys know very well about the opposite sex is that they can be emotionally trapped and guys will certainly take advantage of you when they know the  whole act could  end is sex. For guys sex is just sex, but for the opposite gender its more than that, it’s a mixture of love and feelings.
  2. The second is the circumstance that forces him into saying that. He may like the girl but is still confused about his decision and thinks it’s the only thing the girl wants to hear.
  3. The third one, of course, he may REALLY love you. *Continue reading to next page.*