7 Reasons He Feels Insecure About Your Relationship

That’s true, guys too feel insecure about their relationship. Their feelings of insecurity can be handled well if both the partners are open and honest with each other about their feelings. There can be a number of reasons that can make ˜Your Man’ feel insecure about your relationship with him. Take a look at some of the most common reasons that can make your partner insecure:В 

1. Lack of Time Together:

There is nothing wrong in pursuing your career, or to spend time with your friends, but that should not be done at the stake of your relationship. If he wants to spend more time with you try to take out few extra hours every week for him. If you are not giving enough time to your partner, he will definitely have insecurity about your relationship with him.

2. His Past Experience:

If your partner has been in a bad relationship in the past or he has been cheated by his ex, then he will surely have a lot of insecurities about this relation too. You need to be patient and more caring towards him.

3. Acting Suspicious:

You do have a right to privacy but don’t make it a big deal if your partner tries to check your texts or phone calls. There’s nothing wrong in talking calls of male colleagues and friends but don’t act suspicious. Be honest and open to your partner. It’s better to mention your friends/co-workers name and purpose of call after you are done talking with them. This will only help you build trust with your partner. If you act on the contrary it will create doubts in your partners mind. So just act normal if you have nothing to hide.

4. Treating Your Partner As A Friend:

There is a difference between a lover and a friend. You should be more affectionate and show passionate intimacy towards your partner. If you are treating him just like any of your other male friends he will definitely be apprehensive about your relationship with him.

5. You Are More Successful:

This is and has been the major cause of drift amongst many couples. If you are more successful than your partner than he will have complexes about himself which can greatly affect your relationship. Be more sympathetic towards your partner if he is the less successful one. Keep on reminding him that you do value your relationship more than your career and job. If you ignore him because of your success and promotions then he surely has a right to feel insecure about the future of your relation.

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