How To Tell If He Really Loves You

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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More often than not, men find themselves to be turned down by women who follow the misconception that 'all men are the same'. The truth is that not all men are like that one ex-boyfriend or spouse you had who constantly abused you mentally and/or physically and who ticked all the wrong boxes. There are many men out there and no one has the right to generalise all the apples in the basket because a few of them turned out to be rotten.

You will face a lot of guys in your life which will spellbind you with their charms and make you feel like a princess but at the end of the day, every guy cannot maintain that same intensity of emotion and the feelings just fade away.  After all those guys, he will emerge from the shining light and he will bring such vigor in your life which will sustain itself for many years to come. Sure, there will be ups and downs, even movies have a climax and an anticlimax but at the end of day, the forever kind of guy will be worth all the tragic moments and heart breaks. You can be clementine from ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ and he will be your Noah Calhoun from the Notebook. You will never underestimate hi abilities to pull you out of the deepest and darkest corners of your fragile insecurities and fears. He sure isn’t Batman or Captain America with supernatural abilities or skills but he sure will be ‘YOURman.’

If your guy follows all of the signs mentioned below then never let go of him, he's a keeper.

1. They're committed to you and to the relationship.

When things go bad, that's when you realise what type of person you're in a relationship with. Every relationship has problems but that doesn't mean that the relationship is over. If a guy stays and works through everything with you to make sure that everything goes back to normal, then he is committed to you and wants to make sure everything works out between the two of you. Anyone can bail when the going gets tough but it takes a real man to stay and work through everything. *Continue reading to next page*