What does it mean to be in a relationship with a girl who has Anxiety?

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Note: A lot of stuff in this article can be applied to men with anxiety, as well as women. But since I'm a woman who has gone through anxiety, this is going to be from my point of view.

Anxiety is nothing but excess, and excess of everything is bad. It is excess of worry, excess of thoughts and excess of expectations. It is the unnecessary amount of concern that disturbs the mental state of a person resulting in panic.

Anxiety has evidently many effects on a person’s personality; it makes them worried more than you can imagine and you might think that they are just being clingy, but all they are doing is worrying more than needed. People with anxiety can relate to the fact that it makes them different from people without anxiety in terms of behavior. Daily tasks and routine jobs can be turned into huge burdens, gifting them with only more self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Anxiety can greatly affect the way a person loves, too. Since behavior has a lot to do with how one perceives others’ general characteristics, it is important to know that a girl with anxiety will love you differently. Her love won’t be from some other planet or in a foreign language, no, it will only be a little different and all you will have to do is to understand it with patience, knowing the fact that anxiety can be difficult to deal with.

  1. She Needs to Be Reassured:

Every girl, in fact, needs some reassuring of your love for her. Not just love, but of almost everything: if you love her as much as she does, if you are happy with her, if she annoys you a lot or if you would never cheat her. In short, people in relationships need reassurance just as much as they need love.

But girls with anxiety will need a little more love and reassurance than girls without anxiety because of their constant doubts (not about you, but about everything good happening around them). If she has told you she has anxiety or if you have found out some way, you need to bear with her by being patient. - Continue reading on next page