Reasons why you’re all alone based on your Zodiac sign

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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We all say things that anger or upset the other person. But sometimes, it goes deeper than that. You might be a broken one and the lonely one after you say something to awful to others that it becomes the sole reason no one wants to be with you. They might notice your other positive traits, but those one-liners you keep giving to them are more like turn-offs for others when it comes to being in a relationship with you.

Based on your zodiac signs, the positive as well as negative traits you possess will develop your character a lot. They will have a role to play in the way you think and the things you say. Want to know why you always end up alone after saying what you said?

Here a few reasons why, based on your zodiac signs:


You have a penchant to be the dominating one. You are a free spirit, and that is what makes you quite a handful for your partner than they initially thought. Being so high maintenance kind of makes them not want to be with you.


Feeling safe and secure is your number one priority. That often makes you come off as someone who questions a lot – mostly because you want to know what you are getting to, whether it’s worth it and will give you the security you so badly crave. All of that makes you play it so cool at the beginning but after a while, your neediness and clinginess totally throws your partner off.


You have a dual personality, always caught up in a web of yes and no, right and left, this or that and so forth. Despite that natural charm and sweetly talkative demeanor of yours, there is still that obnoxious and nervous side to you which mostly fills you with such insecurity and loads of self-doubt that your partner is usually forced to end things with you themselves. After all, no one wants to be left hanging as you sit there resolving your internal conflicts and jumping from one decision to the other in a loop. - Continue reading on the next page