There’s A Message In The Way A Person Treats You, Just Listen

A Posted 5 months ago
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There are hidden messages there that you may be missing out on.

Sometimes, the most effective kind of communication is the non-verbal kind; the one that doesn’t make use of words. Sometimes, the most meaningful and most important messages are the ones that are sent with actions and gestures. And that’s why you always need to be paying attention in a relationship; not just to what your partner is telling you, but to everything that your partner is doing for you. You can’t always just be choosing to hear all of the nice things that he tells you while simultaneously ignoring to think about all of the things that he does (or doesn’t) do for you. There is a hidden message in every way a person is going to treat you. You just have to learn how to listen and to pay more attention.

He is secretly telling you something with how he’s treating you and you need to do yourself a favor and listen to what he’s trying to tell you. Whenever you send him a text message, and he deliberately makes you wait for his reply for long stretches, he’s essentially telling you that your time doesn’t matter to him. He is telling you that your feelings of anxiety and stress don’t really concern him much. He is telling you that he is willing to let you wait and stew in your own bad feelings because he doesn’t care much about you at all. That’s what he’s trying to tell you. 

Whenever you try to cook dinner for him as he gets home from work, and all he does is criticize your cooking, he’s essentially telling you something deeper. He really wants to tell you that he doesn’t value all of your kind gestures and thoughtful deeds. He doesn’t care about how much he means to you because you don’t mean too much to him. He is also telling you that he doesn’t care whatever impact his words might have on your feelings so as long as he gets to express what he thinks about you. He is telling you that he doesn’t really give a damn about your sense of self-worth and that he would willingly attack your pride and confidence whenever given the chance. He is telling you that no matter how pure your intentions are, nothing you could ever do would be enough to please him.