10 Things Guys Say In A Relationship and What They Actually Mean

Boys and girls always tend to speak different languages. But that shouldn’t be the reason that you end your relationship.

A lot of the time, disagreements and conflicts in relationship can stem from things getting lost in translation. And this is especially true in relationships because men and women tend to speak very different languages. It’s been like that since the dawn of time.

And these misunderstandings can often cause unnecessary drama that can strain the romance in the relationship. And you never want that. Sure, over time, you’re going to get to know one another better and you will understand each other more accurately. But you have to give each other patience and understanding during the earliest parts of your relationship just so you have a shot at getting to know each other more.

But if it’s just too frustrating for you, then don’t fret. That’s what this article is for. It can be pretty exhausting trying to figure out what your man is trying to tell you. But you don’t have to be stressed out anymore. Highlighted here are a few common things that your man might be saying to you along with the proper translation of what he really means to be telling you.

1. “Trust me, she’s just a friend.”

What he really means is that he finds it incredibly cute and adorable that you would feel threatened and jealous by another girl – but there’s no reason for it. If he really did have any special relations with her in the past, he probably wouldn’t even still be friends with her right now just because he’s already with you.

2. “Okay, I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

A man is a stubborn creature. And even though he’s saying he’s wrong and that he’s sorry, a lot of the time, he’s just saying that to keep the peace. He is just probably so tired of fighting with you that he’s going to lie and say that he’s wrong even when he still thinks it’s right. Maybe the stresses of arguing are finally getting to him.

3. “My ex-girlfriend turned out to be really crazy.”

It might seem like he’s telling you this to make it as though he’s so much better off with you than he was with his ex. But what he’s really saying is that he hopes that you don’t turn out to be crazy too – and that if you are, please let him know right away so that he can get out early.

4. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

It’s definitely you. This is the common phrase that guys use to ease the blow. He’s saying that the issue is with him and that he has some stuff to deal with. But what he really means is that he just doesn’t have the patience and the temperance to be dealing with you right now. He’s just phrasing it nicely.

5. “I think it would be a good idea for us to hang out sometime.”

He’s interested in you but he doesn’t really want to commit to anything. He doesn’t want to scare you off by making everything seem so forward and serious. He wants to take a casual and low-pressure approach to get to know you. And that’s always a good sign.

6. “You and (name of another guy) seem to have a really special bond.”

He might be playing it off like he’s cool with it, but on the inside, he’s feeling really threatened. Guys can be very territorial especially when it comes to their women. And he’s sizing up his competition by asking about the other men in your life.

7. “I didn’t have such a good day today.”

He doesn’t want to come off as weak and so he won’t really tell you that he needs your love and affection. But he’s hinting at the fact that he’s feeling particularly vulnerable and he wishes that you could love him until his strength comes back – and maybe take some things off his plate.

8. “I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

He might be tabling this discussion for a later date in your mind, but the truth is that he just doesn’t want to talk about it at all. When a man doesn’t want to talk about something, he will divert the conversation into something else. And he will make it seem like he is open to talking about it some other time even when he isn’t’.

9. “I love how you look when you don’t wear makeup.”

The honest translation is that he’s tired of always being late to dinner parties and events just because it takes you so long to put on your makeup.

10. “I didn’t receive your message/I just saw your message now!”

Of course, he got your message. Unless he was trapped in a cave where there was no signal for the entire time that he wasn’t with you, he definitely got your message. He just must have made a mental note to reply to you later on and then eventually forgot to actually do it. It happens. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you though.

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