10 Deadly Words Used by Women Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Women aren’t really all that hard to understand. You’re just too lazy to read between the lines. Sure, a lot of men all over the world complain about their women not being clear with them. They will complain about all of the misunderstandings and miscommunications that arise in their relationships just because their women aren’t able to communicate effectively. But if you really want a dose of some cold hard truth, communication gaps aren’t really at all reliant on gender. You just have to be able to really listen and pay attention to the fine details that are being laid out in front of you so plainly to see. You have to entertain the idea that perhaps it’s not that you CAN’T understand your girl. It’s that you just aren’t making an effort to do so.

But that’s okay. You can have the benefit of the doubt. You might need a little guidance and that is exactly what this article is for. Here are a few things that women say verbatim; and the hidden meanings behind what they say.

1. “I’m fine.”

She is most definitely not fine. Do not take this as an invitation to drop the conversation or to just stop caring about her entirely. You still need to be able to coddle her. You are going to need to fish everything out of her and make sure that she is able to accurately articulate how she feels. Otherwise, you are going to be the one who suffers for it.

2. “Five more minutes.”

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that five minutes really does mean just five minutes. That is rarely ever going to be the case with your girl. Just be patient with her. Don’t rush her. Remember that she just wants to make sure that she looks good. And that’s a lot better than having a girl who just lets herself go; someone who completely disregards how she looks.

3. “Nothing is wrong.”

Something is definitely wrong. And you’re just going to have to do your best to really fish it out from her. She might just not be completely comfortable with opening herself up to you just yet. Just be patient with her and make her feel safe to talk about her problems and worries with you.

4. “Sure, go ahead.”

DO NOT GO AHEAD. Make sure that you don’t do anything stupid to the point that you only anger her even more than she already is.

5. “*Audible Sigh*”

She’s tired. She has no more words because of her frustration. And that’s why she resorts to an audible sigh.

6. “That’s okay.”

It’s most definitely not okay. It’s very much similar to her telling you “sure, go ahead”. Don’t take it literally. She’s probably just tired of getting mad at you.

7. “Fine.”

“Fine” is different from “I’m fine”. When she says “fine” during an argument with you, she isn’t necessarily agreeing with you or admitting defeat. She’s just saying that she’s tired of you and that she doesn’t want to waste any more time arguing with you. She no longer wants to waste her breath.

8. “Thanks” vs. “Thanks a lot!”

You should know that there is a substantial difference between “thanks” and “thanks a lot”. When she merely says “thanks”, then you should really be happy about that. She is genuinely grateful and appreciative of something that you’ve done. Be humble and reply “you’re welcome” as a courtesy. But if she tells you “thanks a lot”, that’s another thing entirely. She’s angry at you and she’s expressing her tanks in the form of sarcasm.

9. “Whatever.”

She hasn’t given up on the argument. She’s just tired of arguing with you.

10. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it.”

Uh-oh. This is a very bad sign for you. The only reason that she’s telling you this is because you have failed to do something that she has asked you to do. She is fed up with trying to get you o do what you promised you would do. And she’s practically just set on doing it herself at this point.

Okay. On second thought, girls can also do their part to be clearer about what’s really on their mind. Maybe girls can put a little more effort into trying to use words more efficiently and effectively. Maybe girls can do a lot more into trying to get the message across in a better way. But until that happens, you’re just going to have to try to meet her halfway as well. You also have to be putting in the effort in trying to get to know her better. You need to be able to figure out what she’s trying to tell you without her having to spell everything out for you. At the end of the day, communication is a two-way street. And it’s going to have to be the both of you who are invested in trying to understand each other better.