10 Signs He Only Sees You As A Backup Plan

Are you someone’s backup plan?

1. He doesn’t really make the effort to plan your dates.

He really isn’t invested in the idea of getting close to you. Everyone knows that couples really do get closer to each other through dates. It’s when two people spend time with each other where they really establish and build a connection together. But he’s not so interested in getting closer to you. In fact, he’s probably not so interested in getting to know you better at all. And that’s why he really doesn’t put any effort into planning dates with you. For him, you can come and go as you please.

2. He makes it so hard for you to get a hold of him whenever you’re not together.

He’s practically on another planet whenever you’re not together. He never makes it easy for you to reach him. The truth is that he doesn’t want to be reached at all. He’s spending time away from you because he would much rather not be in your company. And that’s why he’s making it’s hard for you to reach him.

3. You find it so hard to get him to open up about anything.

He isn’t going to want to tell you anything about his life at all. He will pretend to listen to you talk and talk about yourself as a person, but he isn’t going to return the favor.

4. He will do nothing to give away how he feels about you.

He isn’t going to want you to know just how he feels about you. He doesn’t want you to know that he’s not really all that interested in you. He wants to keep you on the leash and so he will do just enough to make you think that you have a chance with him. But he isn’t going to give you too much to the point that you feel like you have him in the palm of your hand. He is always going to keep you guessing because he doesn’t want you to feel comfortable with him.

5. He only ever really likes to spend time with you when he knows you’re going to have sex.

It’s unfortunate whenever it happens, but it still does happen. Sometimes, men will use women for their bodies. And you can tell whenever he’s only around for a sexy time.

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