10 Signs He Only Sees You As A Backup Plan

Are you someone’s backup plan?

1. He doesn’t really make the effort to plan your dates.

He really isn’t invested in the idea of getting close to you. Everyone knows that couples really do get closer to each other through dates. It’s when two people spend time with each other where they really establish and build a connection together. But he’s not so interested in getting closer to you. In fact, he’s probably not so interested in getting to know you better at all. And that’s why he really doesn’t put any effort into planning dates with you. For him, you can come and go as you please.

2. He makes it so hard for you to get a hold of him whenever you’re not together.

He’s practically on another planet whenever you’re not together. He never makes it easy for you to reach him. The truth is that he doesn’t want to be reached at all. He’s spending time away from you because he would much rather not be in your company. And that’s why he’s making it’s hard for you to reach him.

3. You find it so hard to get him to open up about anything.

He isn’t going to want to tell you anything about his life at all. He will pretend to listen to you talk and talk about yourself as a person, but he isn’t going to return the favor.

4. He will do nothing to give away how he feels about you.

He isn’t going to want you to know just how he feels about you. He doesn’t want you to know that he’s not really all that interested in you. He wants to keep you on the leash and so he will do just enough to make you think that you have a chance with him. But he isn’t going to give you too much to the point that you feel like you have him in the palm of your hand. He is always going to keep you guessing because he doesn’t want you to feel comfortable with him.

5. He only ever really likes to spend time with you when he knows you’re going to have $ex.

It’s unfortunate whenever it happens, but it still does happen. Sometimes, men will use women for their bodies. And you can tell whenever he’s only around for a sexy time.

6. He looks more at his phone than he does at you when you’re together.

Another sign that he just really isn’t invested in establishing a connection with you is when he is just on his phone for whatever time you spend together. He is frankly more interested in finding out about the things that are going on in his news feed than he is about the things that you might want to tell him. His phone gets more intimate time with him than you do.

7. He is very strict about his privacy with you.

He doesn’t want to let you in because he doesn’t trust you enough. He doesn’t want you to feel like you are afforded an intimate spot in his life. He doesn’t want you to believe that you are special to him at all. And that’s why he’s going to be very private and secretive with you. He will not want you to enter his apartment; or at the very least, he will not want you to spend the night. He won’t want you browsing through his phone or personal belongings. He doesn’t feel that level of comfort with you yet.

8. He hasn’t introduced you to any of the important people in his life.

He really doesn’t want you to feel like he’s letting you in. And part of letting people in is the merging of social circles. But he doesn’t want that with you. He doesn’t want you to think that you are special enough to meet his friends and family; because frankly, you’re not that special to him at all.

9. He doesn’t make an effort to spend time with you on special occasions.

Special occasions like holidays, birthdays, and parties are just nothing to him. They don’t matter much to him. He couldn’t care less that it’s your birthday or if it’s the anniversary of your first date. He isn’t going to show much enthusiasm about it at all. It will just be like any other day for him.

10. He doesn’t really go the extra mile to try and get you to fall for him.

Ultimately, a guy is always going to want to put effort into getting a girl he likes to like him in return. And if you notice that he’s just not really putting the effort in getting you to like him, then it’s because he doesn’t really like you all that much. It’s as simple as that. It’s either you can try harder with him and get him to like you in the way that you want him to. Or you can just pick up whatever is left of your pride and move on.

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  1. Yea I’ve been dating a man foe 8 years he was arrested and I kept money on his books for 5 months then he was ordered ri rehab and called me from court asking me to pay 104 to reserve rehab bed. And I paid that then after rehab he was at halfway house and asked me to mail him a cell phone and cash app card so I mailed him the phone that the government issued to me because I’m disabled I don’t have to buy data for it because it’s refilled every month. And I put at lsaar 100 dollars of my disability check money on it monthly he was released from halfway house Sept 25 and hasn’t called me yet broke up with me thru his ex wife on messenger. He still has that phone if mine and I just believe if he knew he was planning on doing this to me why he chose not to call turned the phone off that u mailed him, his mom has changed her number so I’m upset because I’m 59 and was planning and hoping for a future with this man and when I began doing research narcissist came up do u think he is because I do

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