10 signs of a One-sided Relationship

5. You have to apologize for every single thing

They absolutely love you at your best, but when you’re in a difficult place, they tend to kick you when you’re down. You’re not allowed to feel down, or mad, or hurt, or even tired around them. If by some chance you feel a little differently, you better apologize for it. Because you should only act the way they’d like you to. You shouldn’t have to put up with that, no one should. Everyone has bad days, and there is nothing wrong with sulking for a bit. And if they actually cared, they’d try to make you feel better not make you feel even worse.

6. Even talking to you is too much to ask from them

Not like you’re eating their brains all day long. You have your work, or studies, or chores, but you make at least a little time to talk to them. It could be a short text or a quick call, but you want to talk to them. On the other hand, it’s apparently very difficult for them to respond to your texts or calls, let alone contact you on their own. It’s not something they want to do, but rather something they have to do.

7. You can’t help finding faults in your relationship

We all tend to reflect on our relationships, it’s not something we choose to do, but we do it all the same. And it’s a pretty good way of knowing where you stand. But when all you ever conclude is that something is just not right, and it needs to be fixed, there is only so much that you alone can fix. If they’re not up for it, it won’t work. It’s their ignorance that leads to such insecurities and doubts, you shouldn’t have to be in a relationship that keeps you stressed all the time.

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