10 signs of a One-sided Relationship

Have you been in a one-sided relationship?

Ever been so in love that it made you lose perspective? You got so carried away that you didn’t even realize if your partner was anywhere near you. It may be difficult to notice these things, but they’re for your own good. You need to know how your partner feels about you and if you’re not going insane for someone who’s simply not that into you. Hard to realize, even harder to accept, and exponentially harder to walk away from.

Here are the ten signs of a one-sided relationship;

1. You’re responsible for making plans

Even though you both are a part of the relationship, it’s somehow your job to make all the plans. You’re the one checking with them for what suits their schedule and working something out to fit in a date somewhere. Not only that, they’re not interested in choosing a place or an activity. You’re left to do whatever you please. They’re just not as involved in anything.

2.You’re always there for them, but you can never rely on them

You always make time for them, because they’re a priority. If they need you, you never fail to show up. You’d go to any length for them. But when you need them, they’re nowhere to be found. They take you for granted.

3. You’re not comfortable opening up to them

Emotional closeness comes from being vulnerable with each other. Telling each other those deep-buried secrets. And making each other feel protected and even more love for that kind of honesty. If you feel that you share intimate details with them gives them some kind of leverage to use against you, your partner can clearly not be trusted. You shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t make you feel safe, and whom you can’t share anything important.

4. They’d rather be doing something else than spend time with you

You obviously can’t be together all the time. You both have lives outside of the relationship and should keep up with them. You need to spend time with each other as well. In fact, you should want to do so. However, if your partner makes you feel that being with you is more of an obligation rather than something they love doing, maybe you should free them of all their obligations. You wouldn’t want to bother them right?

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