10 Signs That Guys Think You’re Too Easy To Get

You never want to be making it too easy for him. You have to remember that the best things in life are always the things that you really work hard for. And if you want to present yourself as a woman of worth, you must always make it a point to make sure that guys know just how much effort they need to be putting in to earn your attention. You don’t want to be seen as an easy girl who any guy can get. If you do so, you’ll make it so much easier for guys to dump you and leave you behind as well.

The harder that you make a guy work to earn your love, the more invested he’s going to be in your relationship. If you don’t make him work hard enough, he’s not going to value or appreciate what you have together. Remember that a lot of guys really do like the thrill of the chase. They enjoy the sensations of being able to earn a woman’s love. Making him work for your love is also a great way for you to gauge just how real his love for you truly is. If he gives up too easily, then maybe he just isn’t a guy worth being with after all.

You always want to be with a man who is willing to work hard to win your heart. And the only way you can know for sure that he’s a quality guy is if you make him go through the motions. Here are things that you might be doing which may lead guys to think that you’re easy.

1. You automatically cling to a guy without even getting to know him first.

You want to get to know a man before you really want to become invested in him. If you just cling to him regardless of how he treats you, then it shows that you don’t really have standards and that you’re willing to compromise your sense of self-worth just to be in a relationship.

2. You’re too scared of loneliness and you jump to the first guy who expresses interest.

You’re just far too afraid of being alone. And so you just jump at the opportunity to be with the first guy who expresses the least bit of interest to you. You don’t know how to be alone and you don’t deal with solitude all too well.

3. You try too hard to be someone you’re not.

You turn yourself into a completely different person for him – and it’s so obvious. You think that your true self isn’t good enough and that’s why you act as someone else.

4. You have already been called “dramatic” or “extra” by him.

You’re just someone who is constantly craving attention – and he’s starting to take notice of that. Keep in mind that guys don’t typically like girls who stir up unnecessary drama. And so if he’s calling you dramatic, then that’s never a good thing.

5. You always make yourself available for him no matter what.

You can’t be so willing to drop everything in your life just for him. You have to maintain a sense of independence and pride. If you are just willing to prioritize him all of the time, then you are just giving him too much power. He has to respect the fact that there are other aspects of life that you need to be living. He can’t be the center of your universe.

6. You automatically become threatened or insecure at the sight of another girl.

You always feel like you could be replaced at any minute and so you become automatically threatened at the sight of another girl in his life. This insecurity could drive you and your guy farther apart.

7. You don’t know how to handle your personal problems on your own.

You always look to him to help you solve your personal issues because you can’t seem to solve them on your own. You aren’t independent enough to face this world and its challenges without someone at your side.

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