10 Signs That Your Boyfriend’s Feelings Have Changed

Whether for better or worse, people change. Feelings change. And a lot of times in relationships, that isn’t always a good thing. Keep in mind that in this life, those who are most able to adapt to change are the ones who are most likely to survive. And frankly speaking, it’s the same in relationships as well. If there are some substantial changes that are going on in your relationship and you are failing to address or adapt to them, then you are essentially dooming your own relationship.

The way that your partner feels about you on day one isn’t always going to be how he’s going to feel about you throughout the course of your relationship. Sometimes, his feelings towards you are going to grow and intensify. And that’s what you want – when his feelings for you become deeper and more complex; that’s what’s going to allow you to get closer and closer to one another while keeping things interesting in your relationship. However, his feelings for you can also take a turn for the worse. He might be falling OUT of love with you. And if you’re not careful, you might risk losing him altogether.

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That’s what it’s absolutely integral for you to always stay on top of your partner’s feelings. It’s not enough that you’re happy. You have to make sure that he’s happy as well. You need to be making sure that his feelings for you are evolving for the better. You need to make sure that he isn’t falling out of love with you. And that all starts with making yourself aware of the signs. If you notice that his feelings are indeed changing, then you can make a few adjustments here and there to try to save what is left of your relationship.

1. He doesn’t try to comfort you anymore whenever you get upset.

He really doesn’t make an effort to make you smile at this point in your relationship. IT used to be that your happiness was always his biggest priority. He would always be willing to do anything to make sure that you were happy around him; but those days are gone.

2. He tries to change the parts of you he doesn’t like.

He no longer loves you for who you really are as a person; he just loves the parts of you that he can tolerate. There are some annoyances that he now realizes he is unable to put up with. And so he becomes more and more intolerant of the parts of you that just don’t tickle his fancy.

3. You are the one who is constantly calling and texting first.

You are the one who is constantly initiating the conversations in your relationship at this point. In fact, you are fairly certain that if you don’t call or text him, then the two of you would probably never talk anymore. You are the one who is constantly having to carry the heavy loads for the relationship.

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4. He shies away from initiating physical intimacy and affection with you.

He doesn’t really hold your hand. He doesn’t kiss your forehead. He doesn’t hug you. He doesn’t do these things unless you ask him to because he’s no longer interested in getting intimate with you on a physical level. He no longer feels so attached to you.

5. He doesn’t invite you to go out with his friends anymore.

He is trying to isolate you farther and farther away from his world. He is slowly crawling back into his own individual hole and he’s also trying to make you feel like you’re no longer welcome there. He’s making it seem like he’s getting more comfortable with getting his old life back.

6. He no longer engages you in deep conversations.

You feel like you’re just talking to a wall whenever you’re with him. He doesn’t engage you in a deep or intellectual level. He doesn’t make it seem like he has any interest for whatever you might want to say to him at all.

7. You notice that he checks out other women even when you’re together.

He really does check out other women even when he’s in your presence; and that’s a sign that he’s open to the idea of pursuing these other girls. He’s not totally sold on you anymore and he’s trying to keep his options open.

8. He does last-minute cancellations on dates that you have.

He doesn’t care that he hurts your feelings whenever he cancels on you. He doesn’t think about the amount of effort that you put into planning for this date at all. If it’s inconvenient for him, he’s going to cancel.

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9. He doesn’t make time to hang out with you anymore.

You’ve definitely taken a backseat in his life. He’s no longer prioritizing you above other things. He’s choosing to spend time on other people and activities over you.

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  1. My boyfriend doesn’t get excited when I call or text him
    He doesn’t return my calls and often replies me late
    I don’t know if he’s falling out of love..

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