10 Sure Ways To Find Out If He’s Really Into You

You’re familiar with that cliché of the little girl who keeps pulling on the petals of a flower that she’s just picked up. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. Yes, this can be an easy way to help you pass the time. But ultimately, you still genuinely have no idea about how he feels about you. And you’re tired of all the uncertainty. You want to know if he’s really someone who is worth taking a chance on or not. You don’t know if you should let yourself become vulnerable towards him because you’re unsure if his feelings towards you are real.

But what if you’re completely clueless when it comes to reading guys’ feelings? After all, men really do a good job of hiding how they really feel. They aren’t necessarily the most expressive and open people. They don’t typically like to talk about their feelings to much. So they’re virtually an enigma for you. You don’t know how he really feels and it’s really frustrating. You hate the uncertainty. You hate being kept in the dark. You feel like you have the right to know how he feels about you but you’re too scared to just ask him outright. So what do you do? Well, you just need to pay attention to all the little signs.

Just because he isn’t saying much about how he feels doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to tell how he feels about you. You just need to stay vigilant. You just need to really learn how to read him properly. Keep the following things in mind if you’re trying to figure out whether he’s really into you or not:

1. Try to observe his body language when he’s around you.

Is he always facing you whenever you spend time with one another? Does he make sure that nothing is in between the two of you whenever you’re together? Is he very open with his hand and arm gestures? These are all basic body language signs indicating that he’s into you.

2. Look at the behavior of his eyes.

If he keeps looking away whenever he’s talking to you, then he’s probably being dishonest about something. He’s probably trying to hide something from you. But if he really looks deep into your eyes, then he’s telling you that you can trust him; that you can be comfortable with him.

3. Really pay attention to what he’s saying to you.

Just because he isn’t saying “I like you” doesn’t mean that he isn’t saying that he likes you. He can express his admiration for you in other ways. It’s especially telling whenever he compliments you about how you look or a certain personality trait that you might have.

4. Observe his level of touchiness with you.

Typically, a man who lets you be touchy with him and allows himself to be touch with you is a man who likes you. He wants to be affectionate and endearing to you. And he does this through the power of the physical touch.

5. See if he treats you any differently than how he treats other people.

If you’re getting special treatment from him, then he’s obviously seeing you as a special person in his life. So try to see if he treats you any differently from how he treats other people. If you feel like he’s a different man when he’s with you, then he’s definitely into you.

6. Check if he gets nervous and fidgety whenever he’s around you.

If all signs point to yes, then he’s definitely into you. There’s no reason that he would be getting nervous around you other than the fact that the stakes are high. He’s putting pressure on himself to make a good impression on you because he wants you to like him back.

7. Really pay close attention to the chatter surrounding the two of you.

Just because he isn’t telling you that he likes you doesn’t mean that he hasn’t told his closest buddies. If you hear rumors or chatter that he’s into you, then it’s likely to be true.

8. Be vigilant if he teases you.

He’s trying to endear himself towards you. He’s playfully tying to get closer towards you by acting silly around you. He wants you to know that he notices these little quirks about you because he’s really paying attention.

9. See if he starts to take up some of your mannerisms and habits.

Psychology has found that we often imitate the people we admire the most whether we are aware of it or not. So if he’s taking up a few of your mannerisms and habits, it’s probably because he admires you.

10. Analyze the frequency of the times you run into one another.

If the both of you keep on running into each other “by accident” in the most random places, then chances are that these aren’t chance encounters at all. He’s really doing his best to go out of his way to manufacture these run-ins with you.

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