10 Things Happy Couples Do Not Think

things happy couples do not think

Relationships are all about coming out of your insecurities and turning your flaws into strengths, together. This article is going to focus on things that happy couples don’t think about and don’t keep these perspectives of each other.

For a relationship to work and be healthy, you need to understand that relationships, especially genuine relationships, are NOT easy in any way, good relationships have a lot of challenges and never come easy. If you feel like your relationship is fading or is going through an uncontrollable rough patch, you need to check these out. Let’s begin.

Here are 10 things happy couples do not think.

10. They Should Fix All Of MY Problems

Being in a relationship does not mean it’s the end of all of your troubles; it’s another challenge for you to surpass. I’ve said this in most of my articles; you can not be in love with someone or care for someone unless you truly love yourself and care for yourself first. A relationship isn’t only about “you” or “your problems.” It’s about a mutual life and mutual problems which should be fixed together rather than one person imposing them on the other.

So no, being in love with someone in no way means that your problems will be solved, you need to have enough faith in yourself that you can fix them yourself first before you ask them for help. A confident personality leads to amazing things, and self-confidence is slowly becoming more and rarer each day. Don’t let yourself be one of those people; you’re stronger and better than them.

9. They’re All Mine

If you think that being in a relationship means you two should be the center of each other’s universe, you’re wrong. Yes, being in a relationship puts you in a significant place in someone else’s life, but it in no way means you can take control of their lives. A happy and healthy relationship is all about loving each other’s past, enjoying each other’s presence, and looking forward to each other’s future. You can not appear too clingy or too possessive with your significant other, or you’ll seem weak.

Nobody likes to be micromanaged, we all need our own little personal space now and then, and we shouldn’t take it to heart when our partners need their own small space too.

8. It’s Going To Be Very Easy

I mentioned this at the beginning of this article, the strongest of relationships are often the hardest. If you think your relationship is going to be or should be a walk in the park, you need to change your perception. Nothing, NOTHING in life comes easy. Nothing worth having, that is. If you start facing challenging situations in your relationship, meet them, head-on, and conquer them with a smile on your face. Then and only then can you be completely content with yourself and your partner.

No good love story is without its fair share of heroic moments or traumatic situations that are taken over. Have faith in your partner and trust that you’ll get through it, that this too shall pass and never let go of their hand.

7. I’ll Do Anything To Be Loved

Another point I keep repeating is that you are an individual, you have a fantastic personality, and you should never change your fabulous self for anyone or anything. You can’t start thinking that you need to change yourself or do whatever it takes to be loved by someone.

True love finds its way; true love will come to you when you least expect it. The only thing you need to pay attention to is how much you love yourself and your fantastic individuality. The person who’s meant for you will love you because of who YOU are, not who you CAN be!

6. Forgiveness Is For The Weak

The people who say revenge is sweet are the most bitter of people. Forgiving someone is one of the most fulfilling things in the world; it’s one of the most stress-relieving things I’ve personally experienced in my life. Going into a relationship with someone is one of the most life-altering things you can do to yourself, and you need to be a pure person inside if you want a happy life ahead. Being genuine means carrying no grudges against even the most brutal of people you might have been with.

Forgive everyone, even the ex who cheated on you for no reason. Because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life and the person you’re with now doesn’t deserve it either. Forgive and forget, live by these words!

5. I Can Be Busy Too

Sure, you can, but you should have thought of that before you made a lot of promises to someone to devote all of your time and attention to them. Now, I’m not saying that you definitively can’t be busy ever; I’m saying that you need to remember your priorities.

For example, your significant other should be able to understand the reason for you to be busy and away from them. If you’re in a business meeting, it’s perfectly normal. If you’re out with friends and you hide it from them and tell them you’re busy, you’re just asking for trouble.

Relationships are for the selfless.

4. They Need To Change For Me

Nobody should change for you; you should learn to love them and live with their pros and cons. Like you’re an individual, so are they. As I said, relationships are for the selfless; you can’t be happy with your partner or even yourself if you always expect them to change for you. Love them for who they are so they can do the same in return.

Don’t waste your time and label it as “fixing” them, you’re not fixing them you’re just making them go through the feelings of being disapproved or rejected, and that is one of the worst feelings I can think of. Love and accept each other.В

3. All Relationships Work Out

This is one of the things I’ve come across a lot since I started this page; people come to me and ask me why their relationships aren’t working out. This is one of the bitter truths of life; all relationships don’t work out all happily in the end.

Some people are just not meant for each other, no matter how much they try to be. It’s always better to be alone than to be with someone who will make you feel like you were better off being alone! And most people learn that the hard way.

Just save yourself from the agony and the pain and learn to live with the fact that the person you thought was the one for you just wasn’t.

2. I Shouldn’t Be Expressive

I say this over and over again; you can never be expressive enough with your significant other. Being passionate is one of the critical components of every healthy and happy relationship. You should NEVER think that you should keep some feelings to yourself if they make you seem weak in front of your partner; it’s all in your head, and you need to let it out and be free. Be as expressive as you can, and you will never find yourself in a difficult situation with your partner.

1. I Shouldn’t Compromise So Much

Relationships are all about sacrifices and compromises. But this part only works if both sides do it, you can’t be the only one compromising and neither can you be the side never to compromise. You are sharing a life with someone, it’s not going to be comfortable, difficult decisions will have to be made, and harmful habits will need to be left behind. Sacrifice for your happiness and the greater good.

That’s about it for today’s article, hope you guys learned from it and will be in healthier relationships because of it. My only goal when I write these articles is to help you guys strengthen your relationships and make you happier with your significant other, hope that goal is met with this one too. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive! Ciao.

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