How To Make Her Happy? (10 Things You Should Always Do)

10 simple things on how to make her happy

Soon after I asked my girlfriend out, I started to notice a lot of little details in people’s relationships.

I noticed a lot of negativity in their relationships, and the men in the relationships majorly caused them. So I decided to write a piece on this. Do you know what makes me happy? Making other people happy. And there’s no better feeling in the world I know of than making the love of my life happy, when the woman of your dreams smiles and laughs because of something you did, that’s genuine and pure happiness that money can’t ever buy.

It takes a little effort to get to know the person, to get to know what makes them happy and what makes them super comfortable! Now and then, I bring back one of these things to let her know I care because she has the most beautiful smile in the world.

Here are 10 simple things on how to make her happy.

1. Don’t get frustrated during the shopping:

Women differ from men in a lot of ways; some are more obvious than others. I remember the first time I went shopping with her, I wanted to buy a pair of sneakers, and she needed some shoes. I went straight into the Nike store and bought this one very nice pair of Air Jordans I liked. It took me hardly fifteen minutes to get them. When it was her turn to get shoes, we went to six different stores, spend almost 45 minutes in total, and she still had no idea what to buy. Did I get frustrated? No.

I appreciated the fact that she’s a woman, and no matter how much she loves me, it doesn’t change the fact that women usually take longer than men in shopping. She kept asking me to take a seat in every store because she thought I was getting frustrated. I just smiled every time and tried helping her in her selections.

Women appreciate small gestures; she still remembers to this day how I never complained when we went shopping for the first time. Understand the fact that they have certain habits that are going to stay that way, don’t try to change them or judge them based on those habits, appreciate the differences, and love them even more for the differences. Oh, and remember, women can NEVER have too many clothes, seriously.

2. Women care more than men, accept it:

I learned this from my mother, her nurturing nature; it was incredible. She always made sure I was happy before her; I was fed. I smiled before her. My mother taught me this significant fact about women that they are a little too much. That helped me be a better boyfriend to my lady.

I recently had the flu, and she reminded me of my mother. She took care of me more than I wanted her to. She’s nurturing, I appreciate it. Women will take longer to think about sensitive decisions. Women will make everything a little too seriously; women will listen to every word you are saying while we men try running through conversations.

I’m not trying to say women are weak; I’m assuming they’re so much more caring than men. I’m a guy, and I find no shame in saying that. It’s not a competition, I care for her as much as I humanly can, but it’s in her nature to be that much more caring for me. When I try thanking her for being so caring, she shuts me up and says, “don’t thank me,” but she also smiles a little at the end, because she knows I appreciate her for everything she does to me, and that’s more important than anything.

3. Every woman is different:

You need to understand that every woman is different. Don’t trust what you see in movies; don’t follow stereotypes. Romantic gestures wholly swoon some women, some women like cute little things; some women want a straightforward relationship.

The thing you need to remember here is NEVER to compare your woman with someone else and say stuff like, “why can’t you be more like her?”. Remember that you fell in love with her for who she was, who she still is, and NOT who you want her to be. Some women would love having breakfast in bed, while others would like to prepare a hearty breakfast.

Some women love getting flowers; some women don’t like flowers at all (I’ve had similar experiences). Some women love chocolate; some don’t. Some women love bike rides; some hate leather jackets. Pay attention to what she loves and make sure she gets what she loves rather than being forced to like something she doesn’t want to.

4. Give her all of your attention:

This is one of the simplest ones I can name right now, but it’s funny how easily people skip this part because they assume it’s already happening when, in reality, it isn’t. Women love attention, especially from their significant others. It’s not that difficult; they can tell if you’re paying attention or just nodding your heads, try listening. Listen to what they say, respond with all of your heart, and they’ll know you care.

Communication is one of the most vital parts of a relationship, and you both need to work on it to make it last. It’s easy to lose touch with communication, and it’s complicated to get it back. Women need to know you’re there for them, that you listen to them when they have something to say. I know she’s reading this article, so I’ll try making it a little subtle; my girlfriend is a little too caring when it comes to me, so she always tries to keep me as happy as possible.

And she thinks not sharing her problems with me (because she thinks I’m “busy enough with work” already) will keep me happy. So I always ask her if something’s wrong and if she has something to talk about, she hesitates at first, but then she eventually opens up because she knows I won’t stop asking until I see what’s bothering her and I want her to know I’m always there for her. She always thanks me later for being so concerned and for giving her all of my attention and time. It’s one of the best feelings when she appreciates me. Pay attention; it’s not that difficult.

5. Enjoy her presence:

Pick a particular day and make it more special than ever, take her on a very romantic date, watch a movie with her, try cooking with her (I say try because I can’t cook at all, but I still work), watch her favorite TV show with her (no matter how much you don’t want to), learn to enjoy her company more than usual. It’s gratifying, and it makes a relationship very strong and successful if you want nothing more but to spend just one more second with your significant other.

When I drop her home, I always take the long route because I want her to be with me even if it’s for a few more minutes. Once you genuinely enjoy “hanging out” with her, you’ll know why some people say, “I can’t live without her,” and THAT’s what true love is.

6. Show every possible bit of affection:

This one is going to make some people say, “Well, duh!”, yeah, I know, I would say that too. Still, this point needs to be also raised because some people ignore it during the middle of their relationships and then complain later on why their relationships are going downhill. Show as much affection as you can, she’s a woman; she needs to care for more than you think.

Again, I’m not saying women are weak in any way or men are stronger, I’m saying men need to love their women more because this habit is slowly fading away. People nowadays take relationships too calmly; they think relationships are temporary and have to end anyway, so why to put in the extra effort. WRONG! Relationships are solely based on how you treat them, how you groom them, how much effort both of you put in them. So be loving, as loving as you possibly can be, or stay single.

7. Surprise Her:

All women love surprises; men need to start surprising them more. She could wake one morning with her husband/boyfriend in the kitchen, cooking her favorite meal; she would never forget the gesture. Do things that they would never expect.

Write her a love letter, because people don’t do that anymore, it makes it more unique, and it takes a lot more effort to grab a piece of paper and write your feelings on it than just sending a text. Surprises keep the relationship growing, make a habit of giving surprises!

8. Go out of your way

My girlfriend had a tiring day at college, and she was getting ready to go home, so I showed up when she was getting out, picked her up, took her to her favorite restaurant, had a very relaxing lunch with her and gave her a basket of her favorite chocolate, she was smitten! It’s not that difficult to get out of your way now and then. Make sure they’re comfortable and take care of their needs; they might not ask you to.

When I picked her up, I got scolded for driving to her college, but being with her makes me happy, and knowing that she had a tiring day just made me want to get up and show her a beautiful and calming day. As always, she kept thanking me afterward.

9. Notice the little things:

One time, I was exhausted and had to take an hour-long nap before a Skype meeting. So I asked her to wake me up. She woke me up in exactly one hour, as I asked. When I looked at my phone, I was surprised and shocked, and I had a big fat smile on my face. Right after I slept, she kept sending me lovely text messages every five minutes until I woke up.

One of them was, “I love you, and I know how hard you work, and I support you with all of my life and love, wake up smiling please.” Right after I read them, I called her and told her how much I love and appreciate all of these little things she does for me. Women are very good with pure and sincere gestures of love that most men ignore, don’t be one of those men!

10. Compliments!

Your woman wants nothing more from you than complete appreciation. Women are more insecure than men because men have a habit of making them feel that way. Always tell her she looks beautiful, always compliment her on her dress even if you’ve seen it on her a hundred times. I’m the sort of guy who doesn’t really like makeup and all that, so I always tell her to be natural because I love her that way.

When we started going out, she thought I was only lovely, but she slowly understood that I meant it. Women are beautiful, in every way of the word. Look at your wife/girlfriend and tell her you to love her more than anything, tell her she’s beautiful, tell her she’s fantastic, tell her she’s perfect in her way. Be the best man you can be!

That wraps it up for this one, hope you guys learned from it. Some men might find this article “weak,” some men might tell me to “get some guts and man up,” some men might think a woman wrote this article, I don’t care about those men because they’re not men enough to take care of their women. My lady loves me because she knows the lengths I’m willing to go for her, it’s not emasculating to love. Stay blessed and spread the love!

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