11 Signs He’s Just Playing You And The One Way You Can Fix The Whole Situation

Don’t let him play you like that.

There are just far too many players in the world these days – it can be really hard to tell if a person is being sincere when it comes to love and relationships. You are so used to having guys come up to you and flirt with you without even really having any intention of falling in love with you. And you’re tired of it. You’re sick of getting your hopes up for these kinds of men who just give you nothing to hold on to. These are the kinds of men who shouldn’t even really be worth your time anymore.

The good thing is that you don’t have to put up with these kinds of men for too long. You can spot them early on and know if they’re just playing you by seeking out the signs. And if you see that they’re really just playing you, after all, there’s one thing that you can do to fix the whole situation.

1. He doesn’t really open up to you about his inner thoughts and feelings.

He doesn’t want to open himself up to you because he refuses to give you that power. He doesn’t see you as the kind of girl who is worth being vulnerable.

2. He keeps getting tangled in his own web of lies.

He lies to you. He doesn’t respect you enough to tell you the truth. He keeps on lying to get himself out of trouble – and you just let him do it over and over again.

3. He always cancels on you in favor of his friends.

He makes it clear to you that you don’t matter much to him. Even if you made plans to hang together, he would willingly cancel on you just to be with his friends.

4. He doesn’t make you feel like he really prioritizes you at all.

He always lets you take a backseat to your own relationship. He doesn’t do or say anything that makes you feel valued or appreciated. He doesn’t show you any sense of gratitude at all.

5. He doesn’t keep his promises or follow up on what he says he’ll do.

His word means nothing. You can’t really rely on anything that comes out of his mouth. He is going to promise you one thing and he isn’t going to deliver on it at all. He isn’t a guy who you can consider to be reliable.

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