11 Signs That He’s Cheating On You

Are you being cheated on?

For a genuinely loving relationship, infidelity should definitely non-existent. They are just intolerable. No woman should ever have to bear the heartache of enduring a relationship wherein she is constantly being cheated on. As a strong and independent lady, you deserve to be with a committed and loyal man who would love you and only you.

He shouldn’t be going around flirting away with other girls while still keeping you on a leash. You deserve so much better than that. That’s why whenever you find yourself suspecting your man of cheating on you, confront him about it. If he’s guilty, then leave him. He just isn’t worthy of your presence and your love.

But mean are sneaky and they know how to hide their tracks. Unfortunately for them, girls are a lot smarter and more perceptive. You just have to be able to know what signs you need to be on the lookout for. There are some blatant red flags that you can definitely keep an eye out for.

If you’re unaware of what these red flags are supposed to be, then this article is for you. Read on through until the end of this list. If you find that your man is guilty of a lot of the items that are listed on here, then it is highly likely that he’s cheating on you.

1. He has been growing more and more distant from you.

cheating boyfriend

One telltale sign that your guy is emotionally cheating on you is when he starts becoming emotionally distant from you as well. You feel like whatever connection that you had when you started the relationship is slowly dying because he is building a new connection with someone else.

2. He treats you like a roommate, not a live-in partner.

You’re more like a person he just happens to share a bed space and rent payment with as opposed to someone who he’s truly in love with. You aren’t really even living together anymore. It’s more of the both of you are living your individual lives alongside each other.

3. He doesn’t spend as much time with you as he used to.

We all know that time is probably the most valuable gift you could ever give to another person. That’s why you know a person is genuinely in love with you if he gave you all of his time. But lately, you notice that your man would rather devote his time to other things and perhaps, other people too.

4. He seems to be less generous with his finances when it comes to you.

Money used to be no issue. He used to shower you with gifts all of the time. He would always want to help you out with your expenses. He would offer to pay for your meals often. But lately, it seems like he’s been keeping his money safe to himself. Or perhaps he’s been shoveling it elsewhere.

5. He stops putting in the effort in the relationship.

He has essentially mentally and emotionally checked out of your relationship. Sure, physically, he’s still around. But emotionally, he hasn’t invested in your relationship anymore. You have to consider the possibility that he is emotionally invested in someone new as well.

6. He doesn’t like going out with you anymore.

He keeps on acting as if he’s ashamed of you and that he doesn’t want the public to know that you’re still together. He wants to isolate you from the public so that he can project the image of him being a single and available guy.

7. He has a known history of being a cheater.

Once a cheater, always a cheater, right? If he has had a history of cheating on other women, you shouldn’t be so naГЇve to think that he would treat you any different. If he willingly cheated on other women before he met you, then it is highly likely that he wouldn’t think twice about cheating on you as well.

8. You notice that there’s a girl in his life that you’re very suspicious of.

He casually mentions this girl’s name to you a few times in passing and you think it’s kind of weird at first. But then you start to piece all the clues of the case together and you suspect her of being someone that she’s cheating on you with.

  1. I am in that position right now, and it’s sucks. Next conversation I have is just that I’m not going to b an option. If u can’t prioritize me in this relationship I’m done.

  2. These are all true, once u hear that girl in ur conversations do an investigation! Usually your guts are correct! You can feel it!

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